GamingNFS unbound - Guide to Duncan Bay Collectibles

    NFS unbound – Guide to Duncan Bay Collectibles

    Need for Speed Unbound lets you experience racing and car customization with no limits. Along with it, it also has a pretty big map which, for your ease, is divided into regions. There are numerous regions like North Oaks, Palemore, Lakeshore, etc., in Need for Speed and each location has its own set of collectibles and tasks. We’ll talk about one of these locations of NFS Unbound which is Duncan Bay and the collectibles found here. Continue this guide to learn about their locations.

    Make sure to complete the prologue and start the main storyline before going on the hunt for these collectibles. Like other regions, this one has its own combination of collectibles that can be found here. For Duncan Bay, here are the six collectibles that you can find.

    • Two Street Art
    • Four Bear Champ

    Street Art

    Location # 1

    Fir the first street art, look for a building away from the street. Look around the back or side walls of the building on the location. The art would be on one side of the building. It is a picture with right colors which makes it easier to spot.

    Location # 2

    The location of this street art is by the bridge which is just by the highway. Look for the warehouse and then search around it for the painted wall. You can also recognize the warehouse with the sign “Saver Subs” on a board over it.

    Bear Champ

    There is a total of four bear champs found in the Duncan Bay location. Here are all the locations.

    Location # 1

    NFS unbound Duncan Bay Collectibles

    While going through the marked location on the highway, you’ll see a warehouse. Look under the roof present on the side of the warehouse to see the bear champ, your first collectible, standing in the middle.

    Location # 2

    NFS unbound Duncan Bay Collectibles

    Get off the road towards the farm. You’ll need to break the fence and then go towards the shed on the farm. This metal shed can be seen from afar with large while rolls, or hay, under it. You’ll find the second bear champ standing in front of it.

    Location # 3

    NFS unbound Duncan Bay Collectibles

    Go towards the bridge from the previous Bear Champ location. Here look for a car junkyard that would be partially below the bridge. The third bear champ collectible is in the middle of this junkyard; near the entrance.

    Location # 4

    NFS unbound Duncan Bay Collectibles

    For the last and fourth bear champ, more towards the northmost point of this map in this region. Stop when you see a red feed mill. Under one of its sheds, you’ll find the collectible standing there.

    That’s all for the locations of six Duncan Bay Collectibles that are found in NFS unbound. For more similar guides, check out the gaming and guides section.

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