GamingNew Tales from the Borderlands - How to get best ending

    New Tales from the Borderlands – How to get best ending

    New Tales from the Borderlands, developed by Gearbox Software released this week on Steam and already has gamers in a chokehold with its insane graphics, arresting characters, and adventure-packed storyline. Like most RPGs with story-turning choices, New Tales from the Borderlands also has a “best” possible ending you can achieve.

    To end up with a good ending, you will have to make sure the three main characters and the robot companion L0U13 survive, who can then create their own consulting firm to score skateboards to improve the morale of other companies. 

    If you want all the main characters to survive till the end, you will need a skateboard score of at least 75%. You can increase this score by playing times events and choosing the correct dialogue options.

    New Tales from the Borderlands best ending

    Given below are some tips that can help you increase your skateboard score and lead you to New Tales from the Borderlands best ending:

    Character Chemistry

    Make sure you go for friendly options to increase the team chemistry while selecting characters. Going for a nice and friendly dialogue option might be a smart choice. If even after numerous efforts, your team chemistry doesn’t get better, return to the menu and choose a different option.

    New Tales from the Borderlands best ending

    Making dialogue choices requires sole tactics so make sure you consider each character’s individual passions. 

    For example, Anu wants to prevent death and heal society. Octavio enjoys eating tacos but also wants to work on himself. Fran wants vengeance from Susan Coldwell. 

    As you surf through characters, make sure to keep these attributes in your mind as these will result in characters being happier and chances of chemistry improve. 

    Save Juniper

    To save Juniper, you will have to defeat the Devourer first, and then complete the related quick-time events. These help increase your team’s coordination. 

    New Tales from the Borderlands best ending

    Saving Juniper is a tacky task as you will have to improve your skateboard score before you head into the Vault. L0U13 giving you a score of 6 skateboards out of 10 is enough to save Juniper. 

    Dialogue Options

    Here are some of the dialogue options you can explore after chapter 2 in the game:

    Anu: Either Octavio or Fran’s plan led to us saving Juniper. Use the guards to your advantage.

    Octavio: Convince Anu her efforts can prevent deaths.

    Select the dialogue option “Do it for us.” to try to convince Fran to assist you. Say “Please. I need this.”

    Fran: Don’t snitch on Octavio

    Reject the Shard

    If you reject the Shard, you will have a number of options open for character chemistry. Make sure you complete all the timed events so the trio can work together and defeat Anahatium Susan.

    New Tales from the Borderlands best ending

    Dialogue Options

    You will encounter these dialogues in Chapter 6 of Episode 5:

    Reject the shard

    [Mouth fart]

    Wish you’d gotten the kill, Fran.

    The Almighty Skateboard.

    We hope these tips help you get the best ending in the New Tales from the Borderlands. For similar guides, stay tuned with Retrology. 

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