Netflix’s Welcome to Eden looks like Elite + The Lost in the new trailer

    Anticipated to release on May 2, 2022, “Welcome to Eden” based on the trailer however notoriously shows striking similarities to shows Elite and Lost. We will be discussing some obvious resemblances we found between the shows.

    Welcome to Eden and Elite

    Elite rated 7.4/10 on IMDb with 97% rotten tomatoes just released its fifth season on Netflix. Though different in most aspects, some of the scenes from

    Welcome to Eden’s trailer showed an uncanny resemblance with Elite.

    Spanish language

    Both the shows are Spanish and have a rich Spanish cast. Welcome to Eden too however Elite will be soon available in English dub.

    via Netflix

    Psychedelic party scene

    If you have watched Elite, you know there’s one thing the show doesn’t miss every season; a psychedelic party scene. Welcome to Eden trailer too in a scene that unveils what looks like an extravagant psychedelic teenage party.

    via Netflix

    Similar age group characters

    Both shows exhibit the groups of characters of a similar age ie high schoolers/teenagers.

    Welcome to Eden trailer
    via Netflix


    We couldn’t help but notice the similarity between the cinematography of the two shows. We can’t tell for sure till the whole episodes unfold but the resemblance is definitely there.


    The trailer contained many scenes with PDA involved, Elite infamously too is a show that doesn’t shy away from PDA.

    Welcome to Eden trailer
    via Netflix

    Welcome to Eden and Lost

    Lost, available on Hulu is a dystopian sci-fi series that aired for six seasons. The hit series with a rating of 8.4/10 on IMDb and 87% rotten tomatoes, revolved around what seem to be similar elements to those seen in Welcome to Eden’s trailer.

    Concept of a dystopian community

    Previously seen in Lost and other dystopian fictions, the trailer showed a chronic utopic start to a dystopian storyline as it starts with a flamboyant party scene and progresses to the characters finding themselves helpless in an eccentric place.

    Welcome to Eden trailer
    via Netflix


    Both the shows depict scenes leading to the characters getting trapped, cut off from the “real world”, and forced to make it through together.

    Welcome to Eden trailer
    via Netflix

    So that was a brief comparison between the two hits and Welcome to Eden based upon what we grasped from the trailer recently released by Netflix. For more news about the show, stay tuned with Retrology.

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