National Bank of Pakistan under Cyberattack, services disrupted nationwide

    The National Bank of Pakistan is one of the largest banks in Pakistan. It is a multinational commercial bank that is a subsidiary of the State Bank of Pakistan. The bank’s headquarters are in Karachi. The bank provides commercial as well as public sector banking. The deposits amount to 2.4 trillion rupees. The client base includes pensioners, government employees and authorities as well as the state-owned entities.

    The National Bank of Pakistan suffered one of the biggest cyberattacks in the country’s history on Saturday 30th October 2021.

    A cyber attack was detected on the servers of the National Bank on the morning of 30th October. The State Bank of Pakistan is observing the entire situation to guarantee the safety of all the data.

    The bank’s mobile application is affected.

    As of now, no customer or financial data has been lost. National Bank’s customer services are disrupted right now but the bank is confident that all the important customer services will resume from Monday.

    Delay in pensions

    However, this disruption may cause a delay in the payment of pensions.

    Arif Usmani’s Statement

    President Arif Usmani confirmed the cyber attack. He also said that the hackers did not gain access to the main servers but they took control of a few of the computers running the Microsoft software.

    Central Bank’s response

    Furthermore, the Central Bank reported that no other bank has reported such disruption or attack.

    Immediate action

    Immediate steps were taken to isolate the hacked systems.

    Management’s innitiative

    The NBP management suggested the staff take care of ERM and IBFT payment processing.

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    Amel Aamer
    Amel Aamer
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