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    NBA 2K23 Vehicles Guide: How to Get a Bike, Go Kart, Roller Skates, and Other Vehicles

    The 2K series has the latest update of NBA 2K23 released. If you think it’s all about basketball, then you’re mistaken. Here, players can maneuver various vehicles around the city. And show their moves to claim numerous rewards. If you’re one of them who didn’t know that, then don’t worry. I will guide you through the NBA 2K23 Vehicles guide with the complete details.

    NBA 2K23: Vehicles Guide

    NBA 2K23 has many vehicles to ride. And various transportation means to maneuver. Many players think it’s a basketball simulation game. But it’s much more than it. Many activities and quests are there for curious players. And vehicles are the most interesting part of it.

    There are loads of rides and vehicles to use. Go-karts, bicycles, tricycles, hoverboards, bikes, and the list goes on.

    The majority of the players start with the skateboard. And it’s the easiest one as well. You just have to get started with the Race of the Week quest. This will be the very first ride of your own in NBA 2K23. If you’re interested in other vehicles, you have to purchase them

    How to Purchase the Vehicles in NBA 2K23

    How to Purchase the Vehicles in NBA 2K23
    How to Purchase the Vehicles in NBA 2K23

    If you want the vehicle of your choice, you have to buy it from the Wheels Shop in the City. YOu have to reach there to purchase the. You can either fast travel to the shop. Or you have to take a ride on the subway.

    Once you reach there, you have vast options of vehicles to choose from. In order to purchase them, you have to spend your virtual currency. The VC points you spend depending on the type of vehicles you choose to purchase. There are multiple choices for each ride.

    Suppose, you chose BMX, you have a variety of skateboards, trikes, bikes, rollerblades, and go-karts. You can even buy a low-rider copper. But its cost is 90,000 VC points.

    If you’re interested in skateboards, then they cost you up to 1,000 VC. And for go-karts, you have to spend 400,000 VC. But for gliders and hoverboards, you have to make an effort. You have to unlock them first and then use them. Only after level 30.

    There are no pros and cons to each ride. As it’s for the game aesthetic and fun, players can choose any vehicle of their choice. But VC is not easy to gain. You even have to farm them if you want some exclusive rides.

    In the end, I would recommend choosing any ride that costs less. As the speed of each ride is the same, so choosing them for speed wouldn’t be efficient.

    That is all about NBA 2K23 Vehicles Guide. To know about NBA 2K23 The Classic Quest or for more Guides, keep following Retrology.

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