MultiVersus Velma Guide (Attacks, Perks, Details)

    Since Velma is one of only three support characters in MultiVersus so far, she has access to some special benefits and abilities that improve the entire toolkit of the team. Unlike some tanks, these characters aren’t only geared toward defense and toughness.

    Instead, they are extremely useful to their teammate and can enhance the performance of a great player. In MultiVersus, Velma can employ several crowd control and debuff tactics to weaken the other side. They become vulnerable to powerful hits from a carry like Harley Quinn or Bugs Bunny.

    MultiVersus Velma Perks

    Most of Velma’s advantages are offensive in nature. The MultiVersus fighters each have a set of potent bonuses that may be unlocked by leveling up that particular character. Based on the stats they provide, the perks are always divided into divisions for utility, offense, and defense. Any character can eventually learn all of the standard perks, and they function as passive boosts that can be distributed throughout a team.

    Signature perks, on the other hand, are exclusive to a particular character, like Velma. There are just two or three combatants, yet they have the power to change the course of an entire onslaught. Below is a list of all of Velma’s special benefits.

    Utility Perks

    • Hit Me If You’re Able: Your team’s dodge speed is enhanced by 5%.

    Offensive Perks

    • Deadshot: Your team’s projectile damage is raised by 5%.
    • Painted Target: When attacking enemies who are hit-stunned, your team deals 5 percent more damage.
    • Shirt Cannon Sniper: Your team’s projectiles now do 7% more damage on distant targets.
    • Ice to Beat You! – If your team’s projectiles knock foes back, they deal 1 layer of the ice debuff. 

    Defensive Perks

    • Slippery Customer: The dodge invulnerability window for your squad is extended by 10%.

    Signature Perks

    • Studied: One piece of evidence is already obtained when Velma spawns.
    • Knowledge is Power: After gathering proof, Velma’s ally gains 7 grey health. 

    All of these benefits are just the beginning of what Velma can do for you. They help you stay competitive in MultiVersus, but understanding her attacks and special moves is considerably more crucial.

    MultiVersus Velma‘s Attacks and Special Moves

    This support kit has a considerable number of attacks.  Every character has a long list of moves, and there are two sets of moves to watch out for. Normal strikes and special moves have various inputs. Many of these can also be carried out in motion, neutral, or when flying. Each of those has the ability to alter how a move functions. Every move Velma has is listed below.


    • Supportive Words: Velma sends a word bubble projectile in the direction of her ally. Any fighter, ally, or opponent who is struck by the bubble becomes the target of subsequent bubbles that lock onto their location. Targeted allies will also momentarily gain accelerated. A bubble will launch another bubble in the direction they are facing and partially heal Velma if it strikes an ally who is already targeted. Word bubbles can be produced by Velma until her ammunition is spent.
    • Quip Master: A collection of one-liners. Velma charges an idea light bulb in her room. has the potential to spawn proof upon contact.
    • Calculated Victory: Velma charges a projectile that strikes foes in the front and spawns evidence.
    • Bright Air Idea: Ground-like, but without a charge.
    • My Spectacles: Velma momentarily knocks her foes to the ground by dropping her glasses.

    Special Attacks

    • Motivational Speaker: Velma fires a beam projectile that repeatedly strikes adversaries and heals allies in its path. The beam’s final strike applies targeted force. An ally will fire a second beam if the final blow hits them. An enemy takes a stack of Weakened if the final blow hits them. The beam can be pointed up or down by Velma. has the potential to spawn proof upon contact.
    • Fast Thinker: Velma sprints forward while charging at full speed. The sprint moves more quickly when charging. Aside from boosting the attack’s potency and providing Velma and her ally with armor and grey health, allies can jump into Velma’s arms during the sprint. At the conclusion of the sprint, enemies will be caught and flung aloft. 
    • Toxic Concoction: Velma jumps upward after spilling toxic goop on the ground. Enemies standing in the slime will gradually freeze after receiving constant ice stacks.
    • Spread knowledge: Velma launches a book in the direction of her ally. If the book strikes Velma and her ally, they get educated, which refreshes them and shortens the length of their Cooldowns.
    • Hit the Books: Velma uses the move to launch herself forward while pushing her adversaries aside.
    • Shutterbug: Velma uses a camera to take a picture that sends her and the foes skyward, shattering armor. Applies weakened on hit, resulting in additional damage and knockback being dealt to targets. has the potential to spawn proof upon contact.

    Passive Ability

    • Snoopin’: Evidence will show up during the game, and some of Velma’s moves will cause evidence to appear. Evidence can be collected by Velma and her ally to add to her Evidence Meter. Velma is able to call a police car once the meter is full. The police car will approach and capture the closest enemy, neutralize them, and make an effort to drive them off the map. Enemies have to fight to get out of the police car. The other member of the opposing side may attack the vehicle in an effort to free their teammate.

    In order to defeat enemies, you must shoot as many projectiles at them as you can. A ring out is all but guaranteed if you have enough evidence to spawn the automobile and control the crowd with such incredible force.

    That’s all there is for this MultiVersus Velma guide. Check out our site on MultiVersus news, guides, updates, features, and more for more information about the game.

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