MultiVersus Harley Quinn Guide (Attacks, Perks, Details)

    There is currently just one DC villain in MultiVersus, and who better than Harley Quinn to soothe Batman before the inevitable arrival of the Joker? As to be expected, Harley is armed with a variety of cheap gimmicks and heavy-handed weapons to dispatch her opponents with ease.

    Based on verticality, Harley Quinn is categorized in MultiVersus as an assassin class character. She has the ability to place bombs almost anywhere in the arena, and her evasion doubles as a means of drawing adversaries into her trap. Of course, she has the advantages to support her arsenal of skills.

    Along with MultiVersus Harley Quinn, there are a lot of other characters in the game that have their own unique moves and skills.

    MultiVersus Harley Quinn‘s Perks

    Harley’s perk list has a little bit of everything. In MultiVersus, each fighter has a set of advantages that may be unlocked by leveling that particular character up. They are often divided into utility, offense, and defense categories based on their stats. Any character, regardless of class, can ultimately learn all standard perks, which function as passive boosts.

    Fighters with special abilities, like Harley Quinn, only have that choice. There are only two or three for each character, yet they have the power to change the course of an entire attack. Below is a list of all the Harley Quinn-specific perks.

    Utility Perks

    • After hitting an enemy while in the air, your team gets a Triple Jump.
    • Your team receives a 5% increase in dodge distance with Fancy Footwork.

    Offensive Perks

    • Your team’s assaults that knock back foes upward, deal 5% more damage when you use the Up, Up, and A-Slay move.
    • When an enemy is knocked back upward by an assault from your team, their damage is enhanced by 5% with Hit ‘Em While They’re Down.

    Defensive Perks

    • The dodge invulnerability window for your squad is extended by 10% with Slippery Customer.

    Signature Perks

    • When using her air-down regular attack, Harley can direct the direction in which she fires her boxing glove using Glove Control.
    • Harley’s air and ground side specials also function as dodges, giving her a moment of temporary invulnerability before the strike with Smooth Moves.
    • With Confetti Explosion at maximum stacks, Harley’s Confetti debuff produces a large explosion that launches foes upward rather than lighting them on fire.

    You’ll need more than just unlocking and using perks to play as Harley Quinn. Understanding the DC villain’s attacks and special moves is crucial to success with her.

    MultiVersus Harley Quinn‘s Attacks and Specials

    Her weaponry includes bombs, bats, and mallets. Every fighter in MultiVersus has a broad list of specials and normal strikes at their disposal. To get completely distinct effects, they can either be performed while stationary, in the air, or while moving. Below is a list of every maneuver Harley Quinn is capable of.


    • Charge a mallet swing with Whack.
    • A series of kicks and bat swings that culminates in an upward swing is known as a clown combo.
    • With Heads up you charge an overhead swing while looking up. A full charge will spin before hitting with the stroke.
    • Charge a slide assault with a Slider. The slide lengthens with charging. To transition into a forward kick, press input again.
    • Harley charges and wields her mallet like an Aerial Pummeler. In the second half of the swing, the hit is more powerful.
    • A series of kicks known as “Flying Kicks” results in Harley rebounding off of her adversary.
    • Harley launches a Confetti Grenade launcher overhead, giving foes the Confetti Debuff.
    • Charge and shoot a Boxing Glove projectile down with the boxing ringer.

    Special Attacks

    • Equip a stuffed bat bomb with Stuffie Bat. To throw the bomb and connect it to fighters, press special and a direction simultaneously. To detonate the bomb, press input once more. This will damage and boost opponents with Confetti while refreshing the air moves of allies. Every boxer receives a knockback. Toss numerous bombs just before a cooldown.
    • As Harley sprints forward, she launches a projectile made of a boxing glove behind her using Prank Shot.
    • In Batter Up! Harley sprints up and swings a baseball bat forcefully.
    • A projectile called a “Jerk-in-the-Box” is launched by Harley and explodes when an enemy contacts it, lifting them skyward. It can be used by allies by jumping while they are close to the box. A Confetti Debuff is applied to enemies, and allies have Refreshed air options. There is a cooldown.

    Passive Abilities

    • In Confetti Time! after giving opponents the Confetti Debuff, Harley and her teammates must repeatedly beat the target back in order to give them the Fire Debuff.
    • Glass Cannon: Assassins are fast and deal a lot of damage, but they aren’t very durable. As a result, all sources of damage against assassins are increased by 14 percent.

    Be careful to be aggressive and evasive as you learn how to use Harley Quinn to her fullest extent. While laying traps, you want to apply practically constant pressure to overwhelm the adversary. She will quickly become the most powerful DC character in MultiVersus.

    That’s all there is. Check out our site on MultiVersus news, guides, updates, features, and more for more information about the game.

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