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    Ms. Marvel trailer analysis: Easter Eggs & Details

    Created by Bisha K. Ali Ms. Marvel is an upcoming American television miniseries. The series is based on Kamala Khan or Ms. Marvel from Marvel Comics. The new trailer provides insights into the new show that will be streaming on Disney+ from 8th June. Kamala Khan is an American Muslim superhero. The show stars Iman Vellani as Ms. Marvel. Directed by Bad Boys for Life and Bilall Falah along with the Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, the show is bound to be amazing. It is a very coming-of-age story. We also cover a lot of Entertainment and Fan Art Content. Here is a Ms. Marvel trailer breakdown along with easter eggs.

    Ant-Man Reference

    The trailer kicks off by showing Kamala’s love for Avengers and specifically with an Ant-Man reference. In the comics, Kamala writes Avengers fanfiction. In the picture, she is drawing the MCU heroes. She is also imagining Ant-Man fighting Man-Ant.

    Kamala’s “Ladies, Let’s Get Information Shirt”

    Kamala’s shirt features some of the most important female Avengers. Her shirt shows Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, and Wasp. The shirt also says “Ladies, Let’s Get Information. Kamala will eventually become one of the superheroes next to Captain Marvel.

    Kamala wears Captain Marvel’s costume

    There is also a dream sequence in the trailer. As Kamala idolizes Captain Marvel she is shown wearing the real Captian Marvel costume. This is part of the dream sequence and there is no indication that Kamala will actually wear the Captain Marvel costume in the show.

    Captain Marvel’s art piece

    Here a Captain Marvel’s art piece is shown and as Kamala is a Carol Danvers fan she is shown admiring it. She appears to be in absolute awe of the art piece.

    Ms. Marvel’s new powers

    Kamala’s eyes glow in a fiery golden colour just the way Carol’s and Monica’s eyes have. It can be a reference to the origin of their power. For now, this is just an indication that sort of binds all three superheroes together.

    Circle Q

    Here will see that Kamala’s comic base is under attack. Circle Q is a local store whose upper floor is used by Kamala as a base. We see that an explosion goes off in the store. This could be the show’s villains trying to attack and injure Kamala.

    Kamala Sees her MCU future

    The final shot in the trailer shows Kamala in her final costume as she looks toward New York City. It looks like she is sitting on the light post and waiting for her next endeavor.

    This is all for the Ms. Marvel trailer breakdown. For more exciting content like this keep following Retrology.

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