Moon Knight Easter Eggs and MCU References

    Moon Knight is the latest MCU sensation to hit television screens. It is the sixth MCU TV Show that is streaming on Disney+. Oscar Isaac is the star of the show, playing a man with DID (dissociative identity disorder) and he’s always split between Steven Grant and Marc Spector. Alongside him stars Ethan Hawke as the villain, Arthur Harrow. We’re three episodes in and the show has received much praise. It could very well be the best MCU TV Show we’ve seen yet. We’ve put together some Moon Knight Easter Eggs and References below to blow your minds.


    Moon Knight Easter Eggs

    In episode 2 of Moon Knight, we see Steven fight off the jackal. At one point, the jackal throws Steve into a bus. On the bus, you can see the ad for the GRC, Global Repatriation Council. This organization was a major part of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This shows that the show takes place within the MCU and it’s set after The Blip. This can also hint that the show takes place after Avengers: Endgame and before Spiderman: Far From Home because there has no mention of London being attacked by Mysterio.


    Moon Knight Easter Eggs

    In episode 3 of Moon Knight, we learn that Layla has been to Madripoor, which is another direct reference to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier because this fictional MCU city was first explored in that show. A very wild conspiracy also states that Layla must also know Sharon Carter, who has her hold over Madripoor.

    The QR Code

    Moon Knight Easter Eggs

    When Steven goes to find Marc’s storage locker, we see this QR Code outside it. Now if you scan the QR Code yourself, you’ll be directed to the digital version of Werewolf by Night #33 which featured the second appearance of the Moon Knight in the comics. Very interactive, isn’t it?

    These are some of the Moon Knight Easter Eggs and References we have for you now. You can check out some Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs or see more news from movies and

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