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    Midnight Fight Express Combat Guide

    If you’re a John Wick fan, then Midnight Fight Express is for you. A hero becomes a villain to save the town. This unexpected hero has to bring down all the villains of the town all alone. His only weapons are his combat skills and fighting powers. Let’s see the Midnight Fight Express Combat guide that will assist you through the fights.

    Midnight Fight Express: Combat Guide

    Midnight Fight Express: Combat Guide
    Midnight Fight Express: Combat Guide

    The Midnight Fight Express is an action-packed single-player game in the isometric 3D dimension. A former criminal receives a warning via drone. The villains of the towns will take over the city by sunrise if no one stopped them. Here is where the action comes in. You can crush them and save the city. This is your ultimate chance.

    Combat Overview

    Midnight Fight Express has vigorous combat to kill the baddies. You have challenges and missions to complete. From hunting the sewer thugs and gangs to jumping into the helicopter is the long journey of our hero Babyface. To survive such matches, you should command your fighting skills.

    Punches, kicks, and powerful attacks on the enemy are your ultimate weapons. You as a player have to play the game story along with fighting the villains and gaining skills – this is the only way for you to survive. This golden rule will help you proceed in Midnight Fight Express. Then, let’s start the training.

    Combat Skills

    There are numerous ways to approach the enemy in a fight. You will get one Skill point as you complete a mission. You can also cash it into your new skill to add to your game style. There are a total of forty missions in the game, which means you can gain forty Skills from them. But here’s the bad news! You wouldn’t be able to unlock the next mission of the main story until you can complete the present mission.

    Luckily, you can gain skills from the Skills Tree like Secondary Gun and Rope Trees. You can get the devastating powers to crush the enemies and clear your way. Just focus on gaining the Skill and once you have it, you can bring any mafia down.

    Rolling the Best Move

    Among all the skills and moves you know, rolling is the best. Rolling down and dodging the enemy is the easiest and fastest move to make. Especially if the enemies are too determined to kill you. You can use this move whenever there is a projectile attack. And also, when you want to grab the gun from the enemy’s hand.

    It’s an excellent defensive move as well. You can roll over to the weapons nearest to you. Rollover, grab it and aim at the enemy’s head. For sure, it’s a must-try move in most combat fights.

    Last Resort – Parries and Finisher

    Last Resort - Parries and Finisher
    Last Resort – Parries and Finisher

    Counter-parry and finisher are one of the most brutal weapons. Yet, gives the most satisfying result. But you should be careful with its timing and location. If interrupted while using it, you may end up in the bad condition.

    For parry, it’s easy. If the prompt appears at the enemy’s head, most enemies act smart and step back. But for counters, you have to be sure of your actions. Make sure there are no arms up against you after the prompt message appears.

    Focus is Your Combat Friend

    This tool is the only one that will genuinely help you. You look at the opponent’s health, scan the area and check for explosives traps. It’s even helpful when entering a room. Gives a general close-up and structure of the room.

    Later, in the game, your enemy will be merciless and brutal. You will have to collect their explosives like launchers, gasoline, and other hazardous weapons. Or you can use it against them as well. The Focus tool will help you identify them.

    Be Skillful in Combos

    You can use the same skill many times. But it’s ideal to have a number of Skills for further missions. When trying to get a new Skill, make sure to use all your moves in the game playground so you know when to use them for your benefit.

    You can use your Skills from the Fighter Tree as well. You should use your Secondary weapons more often to extend the combo line. And also try other ammunition types to have an upper hand over your rivals.

    In the end, the Midnight Fight Express combat guide is completed here. You have the best moves and tools to help you in fights. For more helpful guides, check our Guides page and learn new ways to keep going.

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