Metroid Dread – Chozo Soldier (Spear) Boss Battle Guide

    In this guide, we will tell you tricks on how to defeat the Chozo Soldier (Spear) Boss.

    Developed by MercurySteam and Nintendo EPD, Metroid Dread is an action plus adventure video game. Made for the Nintendo Switch, the game was released on 8th October 2021. Metroid Dread is set after Metroid Fusion and is the latest entry in the Metroid series.

    In the game, Samus Aran fights space monsters and robots on the planet ZDR.

    The game has a ton of boss battle fights. It can be overpowering to fight all the bosses. Here are tricks on how to defeat the Chozo Soldier (Spear) Boss.

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    Chozo Soldier (Spear)

    Chozo Soldier (Spear) has a deadly spear that has great reach. Make sure your health is high before fighting him.

    He will slowly move towards you and pivot his spear before trying to stab you.

    Shoot everything you have got at him. If you see him jump on the wall movie away as he will come crashing down at you with his spear. Try to dodge him.

    You can use your Plasma Beam to rapidly fire shots as well as firing Super Missiles to damage the Chozo Soldier.

    Phase 2

    Things are about to get really difficult. The Chozo Soldier will disclose itself as an X Parasite and will speedily increase its attacks. He will slam down from the top to create waves of dirt that you will have to jump over. Keep attacking with the Plasma Beam and Missiles because it can also pivot at a very high rate across the room. Also, be ready to jump and dodge him while he is cannoning across the room.

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    Now, if a cutscene starts to show quickly it is preparing to pounce. Be ready to put an end to this.

    Next, wait for him to hold his spear out and attack when you see a flash of light. The X Parasite will fall back and his spear will end up swinging over his head. Lastly, at the second counter indication, Samus Aran will finish Chozo Soldier (Spear) Boss.

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