Metal: Hellsinger Worldbreaker Sheol Boss Guide

    After completing the whole game and going through all the struggles to the end, you’ll have to encounter a final boss to end the game completely. It’s not going to be easy as this is the last boss so let’s get into this guide for Metal: Hellsinger Worldbreaker Sheol Boss.

    First Phase

    Aim at the ribcage

    You will be at the arena’s bottom stratum, while the Worldbreaker will be at the apex of the cliff. Her attacks would be as follows:

    • Sensing a big stream of projectiles heading your way, she slams her blade on the arena’s left side.
    • Sending off a couple of orbs to fly around the arena
    • Cause crimson circles of fire to explode at the back of the arena on occasion.

    While she hits you, concentrate on avoiding and keeping your reflexes in check. If you suffer damage, try not to crack open a crystal right away because you need to conserve them for later. Prefer to heal in the second and third phases.

    She will become exhausted after a short period of time. Use that time to allow a strong weapon to fire a huge shot aimed perfectly at her ribcage. This attack with the starting shots will easily make her lose one-third of her life.

    Second Phase

    Aim at glowing red points

    The Red Judge will now move to the left side of the mountain, and the second half of the arena will be unlocked. Begin climbing the cliff to the top platform right away.

    • Soon you’ll notice Red, highlighted fleshy weak patches will appear on her shoulder, right hand, and sword. Hunt for these. This is a simple phase. If you were hurt previously, break open one of these Styx Crystals.
    • She will attack the platform with her sword. Use this opportunity to hit her weak points.
    • She will soon summon projectiles to storm the platform.
    • Many red fire rings will erupt, making it impossible to stand still or look up. Make sure to didge these the most.

    After surviving this phase, she will become fatigued and collapse on the platform, leaving her vulnerable to attack. Next will be the final and third phases of the attack.

    Third Phase

    Aim at the left glowing eye.

    The Red Judge will be dormant for a brief while after plummeting to the lower land. In a desperate attempt to stop you, the Red Judge will summon her last troops. Four waves of opponents will attack you, each of which will include all of the elites at some point. To gain as much health as possible, try to prime every beast for slaughter.

    • After you’re done with those minions, you’ll need to concentrate on the eyes while dodging her projectiles.
    • You can dodge most of the projectiles by approaching The Red Judge in the center of the arena and then darting to one of the edges when you notice a rapid flow of balls.
    • Look for horizontal lines while making sure nothing else is in your path.

    This is the most straightforward phase. She will push you against the back wall and compel you to crawl forward. Orbs will begin to fly about your feet but it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. Simply leap over them to dodge them while sending the last few bolts into the Worldbreaker’s eyes.

    Once her left eye is destroyed, she will die soon. You’ll get a final cutscene after the final death so do listen to her to complete the story.

    That is all for Metal: Hellsinger Worldbreaker Sheol boss Guide. Also for more help, check the guides section on our site Retrology.

    Izna Anjum
    Izna Anjum
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