Meet Xbook One X – a laptop version of the console, Xbox One X

    Microsoft is busy bringing Xbox party chat over to the Android and iOS – along with plenty of other stuff, of course. A Florida resident, Edward Zarick, has created a laptop version of Xbox One X – named Xbook One X. This modified Xbox One X, is custom-built without any affiliation of the creator with Microsoft. Moreover, the product is also not licensed by the tech giant and shouldn’t be taken as such.

    Edward recently posted a video on his YouTube channel, Eddie Zarrick, to introduce the latest Xbook One X. It is an actual Xbox One X that has been converted into a laptop. It includes a View Sonic 21.5” 1080p display and built-in audio. While you can use the Xbox One controllers just as you expect – it also houses a physical keyboard to let you navigate the Xbox menu. However, ordering a keyboard version would cost you one of the USB ports on the back.

    Xbook One X is available in black and white. You can visit the official website for more details on the product.

    Lastly, the unit can be purchased for $2495 but when ordering, you would have to pay a $1000 upfront deposit. The remaining amount would be payable after the product is built completely – which could take 2-3 weeks.

    Anyways, this is a game-changer for the people who desire more portability from the console and want to play Xbox One X games just like the users would play on any gaming laptop.

    For more on consoles and gaming, stay tuned.

    Source: Neowin

    Talha Saqib
    Talha Saqib
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