GamingPvPMay in Guilty Gear Strive - Everything you need to know!

    May in Guilty Gear Strive – Everything you need to know!

    Combat games never go out of fashion, and this is proven again and again by the games we see every year. Guilty gear strive is also the part of these games, one of the loved combat games. May in Guilty gear strive is also a character from this franchise who, apart from having an amazing backstory and collection of attacks, is also quite popular for the attacks’ lineup.

    Of course with simple combat, do come to its characters which also rose to popularity with their abilities and statistics. Let’s have a look at her character in detail to know about her action in the game and how is she tied to the franchise.


    May is shown as a young girl with brown eyes and waist-length hair that is normally pulled in a ponytail throughout the games. Despite the fact that the series spans seven years, she never appears to age. A genuine rival to Ash Ketchup, who also never ages.

    The original identity of May is unknown, so she is assumed to be of Japanese heritage as she can speak it quite a bit. And because of this, She is also speculated to be born with the ability to control the Ki element.


    May battles with a big ship’s anchor, which she can easily swing despite her petite height. This alone demonstrated her superhuman power. In terms of magic spells, May is capable of calling aquatic animals to attack her opponents, such as Mr. Dolphin, the otter Dodomezaki, or the killer whale Mr. Goshogawara; some believe summoning to be the greatest magical talent.

    Source: Guilty Gear Strive Wiki. Attack table to learn how to control May's character.

    May’s gameplay is characterized by her outstanding regular strikes, exceptional air mobility, and oceanic move-set. She is a mobile rush-down and set-play character who performs well on the ground and in the air and excels in charging at opponents. May’s disadvantages include her inability to convert damage outside the corner without a meter and her lack of alternatives versus long-range fighters.

    Pros and Cons of Choosing May in Guilty Gear Strive


    Being an attack prominent person comes with pros which aid a lot in inflicting damage. Here are her pros in-game:

    1. She is very aggressive, which is what shows that she is a good attack character.
    2. Every special move she has is either safe or plus in many circumstances
    3. She also has an amazing command grab which lets her inflict damage continuously.
    4. Despite her heavy attacks, she surprisingly has good air mobility.
    5. Her range on some attacks is also quite long, which is due to her weapon of choice and fast actions.


    Of course, this means her defense is straight-up bad. 

    1. She can struggle in moving and keeping distance in the space available between her and her opponent.  
    2. If you’re not careful, she has to go around the attacks and dodge them at close range.
    3. Her mobility on the ground is far worse than her mobility in the air. She can’t actually move a lot, and her own attacks or moves are for attack or pressure, or just setups and pressure.
    4. Worst of all, she sucks at counterattacks. Also doesn’t have any way to get the opponent off of her without distance.
    5. To attack, she has to either do an invincible super or yellow roman cancel, as she handles attacks normally.

    This tells how her character is all swords and no shields.

    Character Popularity

    The character of May is quite popular in many countries now. Despite her poor defense, if you master to use her attacks with speed and away from opponents range, she can be a good choice. In short, she is worth the shot.

    According to the stats in-game, she is in the top 10 most played characters globally. In Japan, she did score a better mark by being the 4th most played fighter in the game. She is not in the main cast of the game, so her scoring this high is really impressive.

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