MADiSON all Safe Codes and Passwords guide

    Bloodious Games’ MADiSON is a first-person psychological-horror experience. In it, you take on the role of the demon-possessed Luca, armed only with your wits and a Polaroid camera. You’ve been charged with solving the mystery of a serial killer who haunts the living from beyond the dead.

    This game has been in development for several years and it did pay off with everything other than the puzzles. Of course, they won’t be a problem for you if you love solving puzzles. To aid you in solving MADiSON all Safe Codes puzzles we have formed a guide so you won’t feel like these puzzles annoy you. more than they satisfy.

    Unlocking Well padlocks

    Following through all the series of MADiSON all Safe Codes, the well puzzle comes first in the storyline.

    • In order to unlock the wall padlocks, you must first return to one of the rooms where the triangle puzzle on the wall may be found.
    MADiSON all Safe Codes
    Puzzle on the wall: the symbols in its circles will be used in padlocks
    • Take a picture of this puzzle and wait for it to develop.
    • Meanwhile, head towards the basement by squeezing through the narrow space.
    • The red door signifies you have reached the basement. To open it, you have to take a photo of it. This photo doesn’t serve a purpose in this mission and is just so that door would open.
    • As you open the door, you will see candles lined up towards the well like it’s done in a ritual. Follow the candles and you will reach the well.
    MADiSON all Safe Codes
    The Well: The location of three padlocks
    • Take out the picture and look at the symbols developed in the three circles.
    • Lastly, go to each padlock around the well and set the symbol there according to the symbols formed on the picture.
    MADiSON all Safe Codes
    One of the well padlock
    • Move away and then the well will break open. Congrats, you have solved the well puzzle.
    • The symbols are always different for everyone so you can’t go off with something written online or what your friends have done. This is why the picture is important and gives you a different code to unlock.

    Unlocking The Green Safe

    • Combining the notes from two notepads yields the safe code. The notepad with green rings on top of the safe indicates that it is for the green safe. This is also supported by the notepad on top of the safe.
    • The first notepad sits on the third shelf of the bathroom rack.
    Notebook #1 in the bathroom
    Notebook #1 in the bathroom
    • The second notebook is in a drawer of a brown table in a room with several clocks on the walls. The many clicking sounds of the clock do instill a creepy feeling but that’s the point of the game so just a heads up.
    Notebook #2 in the drawer
    Notebook #2 in the drawer
    The green safe
    The green safe
    • Break the lock on the clock room desk with the bolt cutters to obtain the first half of the combination for the green safe.
    • You can open the green safe after you have the code by moving the knob in the given direction.

    Unlocking The Red Safe

    • The other safe in the office is the red safe. You will be given this code as part of the tale without looking for it.
    • Luca will have an episode after finishing the clock problem before scribbling the combination on his notepad.
    The drawing of the red safe clue. Screenshot taken from other gameplay.
    The drawing of the red safe clue drawn by Luca.
    • The red marks in the illustration indicate the number of times the safe’s dial must be spun in a certain direction. Please keep in mind that the red mark on the arrow must also be counted.
    • You must consult the notepad in your game to determine the proper combination.
    MADiSON all Safe Codes
    The red safe opened with Johnny’s Key inside
    • Now, return to Grandpa’s Office and unlock the red safe to get Johnny’s Key.

    Unlocking The Small Door Safe

    • As you go through the game and use your camera to snap photographs of various things, the code for the lock on the little door is revealed. When you reach certain portions of the game, you will receive a number of the code:
      • Taking a picture of the animal head in the living room after Luca sees horns.
      • After finishing the elevator puzzle and capturing the mirror
      • After finishing the clock problem and capturing the door,
      • After dropping Blue Knees’ eyeballs, take a picture of the hole in the ground.
    MADiSON all Safe Codes
    The lock to the small door.
    • After photographing each location, examine the image for the number of the combination. The numbers will tell you the order in which they need to be put in.

    Now with MADiSON all Safe Codes revealed, it would be much easier to solve all the puzzles. If you are experiencing black screen or crashing issues in the gameplay, you can check our guide on how to fix them.

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