GamingMadden NFL 23 Offense Guide (Catches, Passes and more)

    Madden NFL 23 Offense Guide (Catches, Passes and more)

    The new Madden NFL 23 is not for inexperienced players. You must properly prepare with sound planning and ideas if you want to rule the NFL this season and truly demonstrate who is in charge.

    Follow the offense ideas and strategies we have listed below for Madden NFL 23 if you want to ensure that you are at the top this season.

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    Using the Playbooks

    You need to understand playbooks well if you want to dominate Madden 23. The greatest thing to do before entering the game is to properly research playbooks because they dictate the playstyle you will be using.

    There are playbooks for both offense and defense in Madden NFL 23. The offensive playbooks will be our primary emphasis for the time being because they cover all of the necessary information regarding team formations, routes, offensive strategies, and the top players. Prior to entering a game, always be sure to review the playbooks.

    Use Different Types of Catches

    Using various forms of catches doesn’t receive as much attention as it ought to because doing so in a certain circumstance could make or break the game.

    There are several kinds of catches, and you should use the right one for the scenario you are in. 

    Standard Catch

    The first one is the standard catch that the majority of people are employed in a variety of circumstances.

    Possession Catch

    The second one, called the Possession Catch, instructs the player to put more emphasis on catching and holding onto the ball than on catching it and advancing with it. When you are surrounded by multiple players and there is a good probability that you will drop the ball if you try to sprint, this style of the catch is quite helpful.

    Run After Catch

    The Run After Catch, or RAC, is the third kind of catch. Any style of throw can be caught with this technique, which works best when you are on an open field with a decent probability of advancing the ball further.

    Aggressive Reception

    The fourth style of the catch is an aggressive reception, in which the receiver will make every effort to capture the ball, including leaping over a defender.

    The riskiest kind of catch, this one should not be attempted if you are about to be tackled since, occasionally, it throws you off balance and even a light shove can lead you to drop the ball.

    Using Different Types of Passes

    Instead of throwing the same pass on every occasion, you should use the pass more suitably for that situation, much as different types of catches suit different types of situations.

    High Pass

    A high pass is the first kind of pass. When you need to get the ball over a busy area without risking a player underneath catching it before it reaches your teammate, this style of the pass is especially helpful.

    Low Pass

    The second sort of pass is the low pass, which is designed for circumstances where there are no obstructions in front of you but several players behind your receiver. In these circumstances, you don’t toss the ball high enough to prevent a player behind your teammate from catching it.

    Use a low pass at your own peril in Madden 23 because they are notorious for being highly imprecise. An inaccurate throw is far more likely to be dropped when a receiver tries to grab it.

    Bullet Pass

    The bullet pass, the third sort of pass, is the easiest to understand and is what you use the majority of the time. 

    Touch Pass

    The touch pass is the fourth kind of pass. The touch pass combines low pass and high pass techniques. This is especially helpful if you want the ball to pass over a busy area but don’t want it to hang in the air for too long, giving the attackers time to prepare for your throw.

    Lob Pass

    The fifth type of pass is a lob pass, which is a long pass used mostly to deliver the ball to players in the streak and the post. You must time a lob pass correctly to avoid outrunning your receiver’s catching range, though. The scramble, which is simply using your quarterback and falling farther into the field, is the final fake pass that will fool the opposition when they are expecting a ball.

    Don’t Block The Tight End

    As the game’s programming will automatically send the edge rusher to one-on-one block the tight end and that will usually fail, blocking the tight end in Madden 23 is just a quick method to get tackled.

    Even if you try to double-team the tight edge, the edge rusher will just go through both of them, leaving two people blocking no one and everything getting dropped on your shoulder with the ball in hand. Edge rushers are poor pass blockers, often worse than right tackles.

    Every team will struggle to block the tight end because the league as a whole has a low rating for tight end protection on its roster. Doing nothing and letting the right tackle handle the tight end on its own is the best course of action.

    Stay Inside the Tackle Box

    The protection you receive only lasts as long as you remain inside the tackle box, which is another addition to Madden 23. The moment you step out of the tackle box, the opposing team will breach your defensive line, and a player will quickly approach you to make a tackle.

    This is due to the fact that in the past, players would simply run outside the tackle box, turn around, and then shoot the ball across the field. This mechanic will reduce that, thus staying inside the tackle box is necessary if you want your protection to last.

    Use Play Action to Your Advantage

    This advice is for you if you have done everything and still cannot block passes effectively. Using the play action is one approach to improve pass protection.

    Before actually tossing the ball, the quarterback will simulate a handoff in a play called play action. This confuses the opposition, causing them to delay sending defenders in your direction by one or two seconds.

    You won’t need more than these two or three seconds to develop a plan and make necessary adjustments. Therefore, it is advisable to employ the play action and make use of the few extra seconds that you have rather than blocking the running back, which will ultimately fail.

    The majority of the time, this strategy will work, but if your opponent predicts the play action, you won’t have any extra time, so you should be prepared to deal with that as well.

    That is all for the offense tips and tricks for Madden NFL 23. To know about how to fix Madden 23 low fps issue or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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