GamingMadden 23 Defense Guide (Intercept, Tackle and more)

    Madden 23 Defense Guide (Intercept, Tackle and more)

    Since the release of the Madden NFL 23, the players are excited about the gameplay. Defense is the most important aspect of the NFL game. And players are enthusiastic to know all about it. In this Madden 23 defense guide, you will be informed about all the details related to defense. And we’ll provide recommendations for excellent tips for defense as well.

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    Madden 23: Defense Guide

    EA has released a lot of information related to the gameplay in the last few weeks. Players are eager to know them all. Defense is really crucial for your team to win. If you’re skilled and good at defense, then your team will surely win. Defense in the NFL team is not different. But you need to learn the good mechanics for it. Best training and excellent defense mechanics tricks will help you stand out in defense of Madden NFL 23 matches.

    Having a strong defense is all about knowing the basics. And how to use them against the opponent. The correct defense mechanics will not allow any opponent to surpass your team and reach the goal. The basics of defense include intercept, swat, and tackle techniques. Let’s start to know how to use them and win the game.

    How to Intercept

    How to Intercept
    How to Intercept

    This is the most strategic move that an NFL player needs to make. The interception helps you learn the moves of the opponents and get the ball. Keep a hawk eye on your rival’s steps and learn from them. This will help you predict their next move.

    Select a targeted defender to intercept the ball and then press the Triangle symbol on PS, Y on Xbox, and R on PC. This was quite an easy move.

    How to Tackle

    How to Tackle
    How to Tackle

    The best way to keep the ball away is to make sure that all the quarterbacks are no more in action. For that, you have to use tackle moves. If you tackle the quarterbacks down, a pass and catch will not be possible for the offensive team.

    There are four types of tackle moves to make in Madden NFL 23 matches.

    • Conservative Tackle:  X on PlayStation, A button on Xbox, E on PC.
    • Dive Tackle: Square on PlayStation, X button on Xbox, Q on PC.
    • Hit Stick: Flick Down on the Right Analog Stick on PlayStation and Xbox, W on PC.
    • Cut Stick: Flick Down on the Right Analog Stick on PlayStation and Xbox, S on PC.

    These moves will disperse the offensive team and will not be able to make any move toward the goal.

    How to Swat

    How to Swat
    How to Swat

    For swat, you have to perform these tricks.

    • Select the defender to which the ball is close by pressing Circle on PlayStation, B button on Xbox, and F on PC.
    • Press Square on PlayStation, X button on Xbox, and Q on PC to swat the ball.

    How to play defense in Madden 23

    How to play defense in Madden 23
    How to play defense in Madden 23

    To win in Madden 23, you should have an invincible team formation to block the offensive team. You have to learn from your opponent and make changes accordingly. Madden NFL 23 provides a screen to provide complete details of formations, types, and concepts.

    There are various formations for various scenarios. For example, against rushing players, you can use 3-4 sets of players centered on linebackers. You also have a coaching adjustment screen as well. There you can change the zones according to the area of the field where you want to play.

    Once you start the game, you can select the role of the player and the position where they stand. There are also audio adjustments that will allow you to make sound changes. These tips and tricks will help you in the game and also make your game enjoyable.

    In the end, the details of Madden 23 defense guide provide the precise facts about the defense. The techniques used and the proper defense tips will bring you the title of winner team. If you like sports games, then another sports game Way of The Hunter is out. Check its weapons and callers guides as well.

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