Lost Ark Turtle Island complete guide: Locations, Quests and Mokoko

    Turtle Island is a little isle close to the northwestern shores of Anikka in Lost Ark that includes a questline to procure its Island Token. And a remarkable Mount. The mission chain contains five sections and expects explorers to make a trip to Anikka, Arthetine, and Vern. This is also a turtle island guide.

    When Turtle Island’s storyline has been finished, players will get the Island Token. Alongside other important prizes, including seven High Seas Coin Chests, 10,000 Silver, and the Jewel Coral, which can be traded for a Turtle Mount in the Origins of Stern. Moreover, the Daily, “Get-together Slumberries,” will open up in Una’s Tasks.

    This article is a Turtle Island guide which provides all the locations, quests and mokoko in the game. This will surely help the gamers get an advantage in completing the necessary quests.

    To start Turtle Island’s questline, Lost Ark fans should go to the isle and get the principal journey from Tatan. A turtle sitting straightforwardly before the docks. Nonetheless, players ought to remember that the chain will just become available whenever they have arrived at Level 50.

    The individuals who show up at Turtle Island with a person lower than Level 50 can not acknowledge the mission, “The Turtle and the Boy.”

    Turtle Island Mokoko Seed 1

    mokoko seed 1

    The first mokoko seed can be collected from the turtle island base. And gives additional mokoko and XP points.

    Turtle Island Mokoko Seed 2 and 3

    mokoko seed 2

    The second and third mokoko seed can be collected from the turtle island ark. And gives additional mokoko and XP points.

    mokoko seed 3

    Turtle Island Mission: Looking like a turtle

    Section 2 of Turtle Island’s mission chain is “To Look Like a Turtle”. During which players should sail to Anikka and make a turtle outfit for Flynn. Ringling, the material vendor in Delphi Township, will need the player’s support heading out a few cheats while she makes the ensemble. Then, “To Breathe like a Turtle” has Lost Ark fans travel to Arthetine and produce a Turtle Shell for Flynn.


    locations of mokoko
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    The fourth mission, “To Dive Like a Turtle,” expects players to talk with Magick Scholar Irene in Lost Ark’s Vern Castle. Here, globe-trotters should finish a get task of gathering 100 Spectral Breaths in Fesnar Highland. This assignment can be satisfied by killing Highland Spirits.

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