GamingRole-PlayingLost Ark Key Of Balance Guide (Location & Usage)

    Lost Ark Key Of Balance Guide (Location & Usage)

    Lost Ark treasures are waiting to be claimed. The land of Arkeria has many wonders hidden beneath. As a player, you can participate in different quests and chases. The Lost Ark Key of Balance is one of the adventurous loot games you can enjoy. Let’s break down the stages to get the Key of Balance.

    Lost Ark: Key of Balance Guide

    Here you have to incorporate many missions to get many chests and loots after completing The Gate of Balance. You have to capture the two missions you have to complete to get to the Gate of Balance. And you are time bound. You have to complete the given mission within a set time. Let’s start with the first mission.

    Catching Jellyfish!

    #1 Catching Jellyfish!
    #1 Catching Jellyfish!

    Your first mission is Catching Jellyfish. Here are the six steps you have to go through. First, you have to start the timer. You will see the blue stopwatch on the top-left side of the screen. Now, click Settings. There, you will see a tiny cog on the top-right of the menu. Scroll to the Sailing title.

    Next, click the left button to see the two pointers in opposite directions; black and white ones. The pointers will locate you to whichever place you want to choose on the map and set the time plan for each. Next, you can choose the locations.

    You have to choose missions for Vern, Arthitine, and Anikka. Now, you have to complete the mission of Catching Jellyfish and get the Key of Balance.

    The Gate of Harmony

    #2 The Gate of Harmony
    #2 The Gate of Harmony

    Now, you have the Key to Harmony. Now you can access the Gate of Balance once you head to it. The gate is situated in Port Krona. It is on the very right side of North Vern and Arthetine. You have to reach there to complete the mission.

    To reach there, you have to sail to the northeastern side. You will see a giant chasm in the sea. This is the Gate of Harmony. Here, the event will be participating in it and have to win the mission. You will wait till the event starts.

    Once the event starts, you will be divided into two different groups. The competition begins. You will be shooting the underwater creatures to be the winner. Even if you lose, you can access the Chest of Harmony. You can open it with the Key of Balance. You will b rewarded with many wealthy loots and Gienah’s Coins.

    Finally, you have got all the access to the Gate of Harmony. You can utilize the chest and smoothen the routes for future sails. Lost Ark has many treasures, chests, rewards, and many more resources to achieve. If you’re looking for other guides on Lost Ark, check our guides page and loot more chests.

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