GamingRole-PlayingLost Ark: How To Get Hot Chocolate Coffee (Craft Gelato)

    Lost Ark: How To Get Hot Chocolate Coffee (Craft Gelato)

    Amazon’s loot game Lost Ark is one of the best plotting games for treasures to claim and challenges to face. This game of lost treasures and action-packed combats will push you to bring out your inner fighter. So let’s start with the chase for the Lost Ark Hot Chocolate Coffee crafting.

    How To Craft Hot Chocolate Coffee

    By now, you know that in Lost Ark you have to craft things from ground zero to being functional. So, you have to get the list of items you need to create or craft anything. This will also cost you as the items used are very expensive and resourceful raw materials. That will be 40, 0000 Silvers. A luxury coffee of 40,000 Silvers will definitely taste fine.

    For a wholly melting gelato, you need a full scoop of ice cream in the hot-served espresso. Sound yummy? But the list of items required for it is expensive as well. You need 1 Gelato, 1 Hot Chocolate Coffee, and 17,000 Silvers. To get all the things faster and work well, here is a pro tip. Collect the items in order to craft the coffee easily.


    #1 Gelato
    #1 Gelato

    First, you need the Gelato. Let’s begin with this one. Look at the map of Eastern Luterra. You will a place named Wavestrand Port. There will be a tavern that sells ice cream. You can get it for 30,000 Silvers. Get to it and purchase it.

    Hot Chocolate Coffee

    #2 Hot Chocolate Coffee
    #2 Hot Chocolate Coffee

    The second is Hot Chocolate Coffee. You can get it from the Wandering supplier, Burt. But here is the twist. He will be found only at four places and at four different times of the day. Burt will be at these four locations:

    Leyar Terrace

    Crocoyn’s Seashore

    Blackrose Chapel

    Borea’s Domain

    Burt's Locations
    Burt’s Locations

    These locations are a must for Burt to appear. But he goes within a certain time frame to these places which appear. And remember it is the server time, not your local time.

    12:30 12:55

    2:230 – 2:55

    5:30 – 5:55

    6:30 6:55

    8:30 – 8:55

    9:30 – 9:55

    Once you meet Burt, you guys can work together and get the hot chocolate coffee. You can purchase it for an estimated price of 8,000 Silvers. But Burt is a businessman and his demands may vary.

    Now, you have successfully got all the two ingredients. Now, you have to get it to Chef Hyde.

    Chef Hyde

    #3 Chef Hyde
    #3 Chef Hyde

    In Luterra Castle, Chef Hyde owns a restaurant and you can see him at his place on the counter. Now, head to the Luterra Castle. On your way, you will see many food vendors selling items. Here, you can see that there’s light from the entrance of the door from the southwestern corner. That’s the door to the restaurant.

    Luterra Castle
    Luterra Castle

    Head to the counter to settle the deal. Next, click on the menu for the Adventurer’s Tomb Specialities tab. In there, you will find the Melting Gelato. Just click on it. Next, pay 1,700 Silvers for it and get it on your stock list. Now, just wait for four minutes for the Melting Gelato to show its full power.

    Wow! That was adventurous. You have got the Lost Ark Hot Chocolate Coffee. This level is quite expensive to handle but worth it as well. Here are many other crafting guides for you to learn and get new stuff in your stock.

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