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    Lost Ark Heavenly Harmony Song Guide

    Lost Ark has numerous quests and islands. There are many food crafts like Hot Chocolate Coffee. And also, collect all the Mokoko Seeds of Glacier Isle and Kalthertz locations. In this guide, you will be assisted with the Lost Ark Heavenly Harmony Song.

    Lost Ark: Heavenly Harmony Song Guide

    Harmony Island is quite an easy quest and has many rewards. The most interesting thing about this island is that it is an Adventure Island. This means that the island will only be open or available for players at specific times on fixed days. First, let’s get to know the schedule of Harmony Island times and locations.

    Harmony Island Timings and Location

    Harmony Island Location
    Harmony Island Location

    Before you go through the schedule, get the locations first. Harmony Island is located on the western side of the map, next to the Roundel. It appears within Elzowin’s Tears Sea. Let’s begin to follow the strict schedule of the Harmony Island timings. Here’s a detailed list for you.

    Harmony Island Timing
    Harmony Island Timing
    • Mostly on weekdays. Like on Monday or Tuesday. The admission timings mostly vary. A few times all the given timings and sometimes, either the daytime or the evening times. The timings are 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 7 PM, 9 PM, and 11 PM.
    • Make sure to check the schedule before you lead the ship in the waters. You can check it by pressing the Procyon’s Compass (under the given minimap). Check the spawn times of Harmony.
    • Remember to complete the third co-op quest on Harmony Island, you have to get the Serenade of Love Song. It will be located on Liebeheim island, in the north of Luterra.

    How to Unlock the Harmony Island

    You need to meet the basic scores level to unlock Harmony Island. The ideal item level is 250. And the gear score should be around 460 to move behind the Walls of Procyon. Apart from all these scores, you have to complete the quest challenge as well. You can choose a quest from Queen Ealyn in Vern Castle. Then you can upgrade the ship to level 2.

    Now, you have got the timings and locations. Along with the upgrades and score list that you will need. Now, let’s get the Heavenly Harmony Song.

    How to Get the Heavenly Harmony Song

    How to Get the Heavenly Harmony Song
    How to Get the Heavenly Harmony Song

    The Harmony Song can be collected after you complete the three coop quest. But firstly, you have to accomplish the Heavenly Harmony of the island. There will be group tasks to complete and they will highlight in green color. The first mission is A Pure Sound.

    In this mission, you have to transfer 80 Sacred Spring Flowers to a particular garden. It will be easy to complete as many other players will complete it too. The second mission is A Fragrant Sound. This is also similar to the first one. Here, you will be collecting 300 Pollen.

    The third mission is Harmony? Help!. Here, you have to complete the 80 adventures in the Serenade of Love. After you have completed these quests, it’s reward time.


    Players will be given the Chest of Aromatic Sound, Chest of Clear Sound, Chest of Harmonious Sound, or Chest of Sparkling Sound. These chests will be loaded with Silver and will be awarded the Harmony Music Sheet. In case you failed to succeed, you have to make a comeback to the island again when it appears on the map.

    In the end, the details of the Lost Ark Heavenly Harmony Song guide have given all. The location and timings are most important to have a look at before you sail. So your score level is high and gets ready to sail.

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