Lost Ark Destroyer Class Guide – Everything you need to know

    Lost Ark, a proud Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG development, has a new warrior class out for its players to try. After Glaivier, the Destroyer has already generated colossal hype. Destroyer Class holds the most resemblance to Gunlancer out of all the warrior classes in Lost Ark as it is a partial tank class with good damage output. 

    We have a breakdown of all you need to know about this new class here:

    Class Characteristics

    The Destroyers class, launching on 19th May 2022, is capable of wreaking havoc as it can do tons of damage, weak point destruction, and a lot of staggers which is a must in raids. It also offers a good defense, boss taunt, and shields. 

    Some of its skills consist of having an AOE component, destruction (weak point), and a top-tier stagger. This is a class you can rely on to do a huge amount of damage in your fights. However, it might take you some practice to finally perfect the damage skills. 


    The Destroyer builds up the Gravity Gauge by using purple skills when it is fully charged with gravity cores. The Gravity Cores are generated by doing damage with blue skills. Players can also use Gravity Gauge to enter the Gravity Mode when it is full which can upgrade your shield. 

    Core Abilities

    Perfect Swing

    Lost Ark Destroyer Class Guide

    This is your time to bring your Thor fantasies to play as being a destroyer, you will be swinging your hammer around a lot to inflict damage. This might prove to be your hardest-hitting skill. 

    However, it has a charge time but it can be manipulated to be instant cast with lower damage output. It provides high stagger and weak point damage. 

    Seismic Hammer

    Lost Ark Destroyer Class Guide

    This is an essential skill that will come to use often. It is easy to use, reliable and fast; jumps in the air and land, and this causes spikes to rise up from the ground. It has no charging time, high stagger, and weak point damage. It is also great for single targets or AOE. 

    Earth Eater

    Lost Ark Destroyer Class Guide

    The Destroyer oscillates the hammer from front to back, hits the ground behind, and inflicts some damage to the enemy. It charges 2 times. The height of the hammer increases with each charge. It does considerable single target damage, high stagger, and weak point damage.

    Full Swing

    Lost Ark Destroyer Class Guide

    The Destroyer swings the hammer through 360 degrees and turns it to attack the surroundings and rattle the enemies in front of you. It is good for a single target, AOE has high stagger and does weak point damage.

    Endure Pain

    This ability grants the Destroyer immunity to hit back. It is important to cast this skill before using the Perfect Skill mentioned before. This can reduce the chances of the skill being canceled by enemy attacks.

    Awakening Abilities

    Terra Break

    Lost Ark Destroyer Class Guide

    The Destroyer slams the hammer on the ground, cracking the earth below and a gravitational field unfolds, knocking down all the enemies and then lifting them into the air. A hundred percent of the Gravity Gauge is restored by using this skill.

    Big Bang

    Lost Ark Destroyer Class Guide

    By gathering the power of gravity, you can cause a huge explosion. Causing damage to enemies within a 3.2m radius. 

    Most people use this skill exclusively since the damage output of Terra Break is lower and its casting time is higher.

    Advanced Class Engravings

    Every Lost Ark class presents engravings that can revert your playstyle in a particular direction. Destroyer offers two playstyles i.e. the Hammer of Rage and Gravity Training.

    Hammer of Rage

    Gravity Training

    This is everything you need to know about the Lost Ark Destroyer Class that is to be released soon. For more gaming news and guides, keep following Retrology

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