GamingRole-PlayingLost Ark Broad Sea Adventure Complete Guide

    Lost Ark Broad Sea Adventure Complete Guide

    Lost Ark is not limited to the adventures to lands. But it covers the seas and oceans around. It’s up to you to uncover them and claim them under your name. You can find valuable collectibles, challenging events, and thrilling missions to participate in. Moreover, Lost Ark cares for all players. Single or multi players game missions. Now, let’s begin the guide to Lost Ark’s Broad Sea Adventure without any further delay.

    Guide: Lost Ark Broad Sea’s Adventure

    Guide: Lost Ark Broad Sea's Adventure
    Guide: Lost Ark Broad Sea’s Adventure

    The adventures of the Broad Sea are much more than you think it is. Sailing in this sea will give you many treasures and rewards. These rewards will increase the life support of your ship and reduce damages. This will be shown on your achievement board. Of course, you have to brag about it. Let’s dive into the Broad Sea’s Adventures of Lost Ark.

    This guide will guide you through many locations and achievements. This adventure seems confusing to many new players. But don’t worry! We will guide you through it smoothly. No matter whether you’re a newbie or a pro-Lost Ark player.

    Broad Sea’s Adventures Begins

    For this adventure to begin, you need to look in your achievements and map sections. You have to at the Sea of Gienah. This will be the starting point of the adventure. You will move forward from here.

    Broad Sea's Adventures Begins
    Broad Sea’s Adventures Begins

    And here is the twist of this adventure. You will be the solo player here. Without your friends, you have to achieve this level of adventure. So, be a strong and brave warrior of the Broad Sea.

    As mentioned before, look in the maps section. There you should open the map and search for the pointer. Now. move from your location to that pointer position. This location will be on the northeastern side of the map; between the West Luera and The Trinitas Sea. Now, head to the ocean path and follow the directions given.

    The Eye of the South Sea
    The Eye of the South Sea

    Keep moving in the ocean with the given directions and you will see the chest. A golden glow will be seen in the middle of the sea. Yes, the Exploration Report or the Eye of the South Sea. This is the real sea bounty. Reach it and claim it. Viola! You have a new treasure in your stock.

    This sea bounty is a collectible. This will help you in the next sea voyages missions. This will unlock the other achievements of Lost Arl like What Matters.

    Finally, you got a new treasurer collectible. This will help you in more missions of the Broad Sea. Lost Ark has many adventures waiting for solo and multi players missions. This will keep you going for more. For other Lost Ark guides, check our guides page. And for news of other games, our news page will keep you updated about more loot games. So, check them and increase your gaming knowledge.

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