MiscBest-ofList of Best Bleach Filler Arcs that you may skip (or not?)

    List of Best Bleach Filler Arcs that you may skip (or not?)

    Bleach was still one of the best anime from the Shonen landscape. Bleach’s fans are totally excited about the highlights from the fillers. Here, I will explain all the Bleach Filler Arc in detail to you so you can keep up with your anime knowledge.

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    Bleach: Filler Arc

    Just like any other anime comic, Bleach has numerous filler episodes in its series. This legendary anime series is packed with interesting content for fans to enjoy well. There is a total of 163 filler episodes in Bleach. And 45% of the content revolves around the five filler arcs.

    Those episodes are totally skippable. But you can’t move an inch due to the next-level combats. And you also can’t effort to miss a bit of information from this legendary Shonen anime. So, without any delay, I will begin all five Bleach filler arc episodes for you.

    Bounty’s Arc

    Bounty's Arc
    Bounty’s Arc

    Episodes: 64-109

    Ichigo, Chad, Renji, and Orihime were seen as enemies but later it was revealed that Kisuke has invented three different entities to find out about Bount. Bount is a superpowered race with powers like Hollow. They possess innocent spirits and seek immortality. Our hero confronts the very first monster, Yoshino. And end up in deadly conditions.

    Thanks to Rukia Kuchiki to rescue him. Soon afterward, Ishida Uryu is kidnapped by Utagawa Ryo but was surprisingly saved by Yoshino. Now, things are getting difficult as Team Ichigo meets with Jin Kariya. He effortlessly attacks the protagonist and ends up seeking shelter in the hideout. The hideout has access to the portal that allows a direct link to the Seireitei.

    Tensa Zangetsu from Ichigo has maintained the power balance between him and Urya. This spare time till Urya ends the battle and permits Bounts to enter the portal.

    Bount’s Attack on Soul Society

    Bount's Attack on Soul Society
    Bount’s Attack on Soul Society

    Episodes: 64-109

    Urya’s ultimate plan to destroy Bounts seems far away from success. As they are capable of extracting reishi from many aspects around them. This makes them crucially dangerous. It was still impossible for Bounts to surpass the security levels between Rukongai and Seireitei. But little did they, know that they were seeking help from Squad Eleven turncoat named Ichinose Maki.

    Jin Kariya no more needs his new crime partner and orders to get rid of them. Yamamoto Genryusai meanwhile took action to dispose of all the underground Jokaisho bombs that were spread across the Seireitei. The brutal fight between Ichigo Kurosaki and Jin Kariya ends up with the dead Kariya fading away in the air.

    The New Captain Shusuke Amagai Arc

    The New Captain Shusuke Amagai Arc
    The New Captain Shusuke Amagai Arc

    Episodes: 168-189

    After Aizen’s betrayal, he flees to Hueco Mundo with  Kaname Tosen and Ichimaru Gin with the help of Negacion. As they left, their position in Divisions 3,5, and 9 are vacant. And Division 3 is filled by  Shusuke Amagai or Shinigami. On the other hand, Princess Kasumiouji Rurichiyo reaches Karakura Town with her bodyguards from Soul Society. As usual, they are disguised as students to enter Ichigo’s school.

    Out of the blue, the princess is attacked by baddies but thankfully, Rukia and Ichigo for saving the royal life. Shusuke is now friends with the heroes. The Vice-President, Izuru takes over Makoto Kibune which makes Gotei 13 doubts about the Kasumiouji family. He follows his gut feeling and it turns out to be true.

    First, Amagai kills Gyokaku. And move Princess out of Division 1 Headquarters. Then he discloses his plan to seek revenge from Captain-Commander. As something happened in the past that lead to the death of his father. And the climax shows Ichigo and Shusuke in a merciless fight at the end.

    Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc

    Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc
    Zanpakuto Unknown Tales Arc

    Episodes: 230-265

    This filler arc is about Yamamoto’s Ryujin Jakka. Muramasa, the zanpakuto roguelike spirit wants to seek s freedom from Shinigami oppression. This turns on to be their authentic masters as it breaks all Shinigami from their zanpakuto.

    In the start, Muramasa trapped Captain-Commander within an unidentified barrier. But Getsuga thrown at him by Ichigo with his own reiatsu destroyed the barrier. Yamamoto was the one who protect the shield to protect Ryujin Jakka. Muramasa managed to keep all the soldiers and their zanpakutos trapped.

    Entering the final stage of the villain’s plan to free his master, Kuchiki Kouga from years of imprisonment. Kouga disowns his own zanpakuto by accusing him to betray him in the past. And this pushed Muramasa to where there’s no return.

    Ichigo enters at the right time. But fails to save anyone before he was pushed into his former Shinigami’s inner world. But after a brutal fight, both ended up the fight as Muramasa wasn’t able to fight anymore.

    The Gotei 13 Invasion Arc 

    The Gotei 13 Invasion Arc 
    The Gotei 13 Invasion Arc 

    Episodes: 317-342

    Ikkaku and Renji attack Ichigo when he returns to Soul Society. Yoruichi saves him. And also tell him about the Inaba Kageroza, the researcher to invented these two Shinigami. The bad part is it can invent the same replica of the most powerful characters from Seireitei with exact same features, memories, and powers.

    These inventions are known as Reigai. And their agenda isn’t cleared yet except that all they want to crush Gotei 13 to the ground. Later, Kujo Nozomi meets with Team Ichigo. This polite man is being chased by the Kageroza and his underlings.

    Meanwhile, a deadly plan is made by the replica of Shunsui and Jushiro to kill Captain-Commander Yamamoto Genryusai in Soul Society. Little did they know that they are underestimating the old man. Kujo and Kageroza are two parts of one soul, Yushima Oko. , Urahara Kisuke reveal the secret. Inaba then forces Nozomi to merge with Oko.

    But the real hero in this arc is Kon, a fake version of Kurotsuchi Nemi. At the last moment, Kurotsuchi Nemi tries to wipe out the spirit world which didn’t turn out to be in his favor as Reigai destroyed themself. And the fusion breaks apart. Ichigo loses his Shinigami powers endlessly.

    In the end, all the Bleach Filler Arc episodes are tremendously filled with action and new stories with interesting climaxes. Let me know in the comments if you like any other filler arc from Bleach.

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