Laal Singh Chaddha all Review Scores -Why is the new Amir Khan Movie not liked by many?

    With falling as one of the least rated movies at IMBD, Laal Singh Chadda has taken a lot of criticism. Because of that, it is not considered a good movie at all. Many critics have pointed out its pacing, its severe drop in the story in the second half, and also a few things depicted in the movie. The lack of originality is also an issue. To review all of this, we will compare Laal Singh Chaddha All Review Scores.

    The Indian remake of Tom Hanks’ classic Hollywood film Forest Gump is Laal Singh Chaddha. LSC also includes Naga Chaitanya, Mona Singh, and Harry Parmar in addition to Kareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan as leads. Advait Chandan’s film was released in theatres on August 11th.

    Laal Singh Chaddha All Review Scores

    • IMBD: 4.8/10
    • Rotten Tomatoes: 60%
    • Times of India: 3.5/5
    • The Indian Express: 2/5
    • India Today: 3/5
    • NDTV: 3/5
    • Rediff: 4.5/10

    Whether or not a Forrest Gump remake was needed, Laal Singh Chaddha does not let its source down. And replacing a box of chocolates with a ready-to-eat gol gappe kit is geeeenius, like Laal’s Ustad would say.

    Why isnt Laal Singh Chadda Liked?

    Slow Pace

    The basic complain that many sites have talked on is the slow pacing of the movie. This quote from Hindustan times is also pointing out its flaw, written by Monika Rawal Kukreja:

    “Aamir Khan’s Forrest Gump adaptation does not even try to introduce elements that would make it look somewhat different from the original.”

    Her criticism is correct as the movie should have something different to make it seem like its set in India. She critices the movie but agrees on the fact that Amir Khan gave his best as Laal Singh Chadda.

    “Aamir gets into Laal’s skin quite deep and makes him a likeable character. Called Mr Perfectionist for a reason, Aamir gives his 100% and delivers the best he could to the character written for him”

    Misrepresentation of the Indian Army

    Another criticism was for the misrepresentation of the Hindu Army, basically on the fact that Hindu army isn’t low or cruel that they would recruit people with low IQ and use them. This is one quote from Hindustan Times:

    “The film also landed into a controversy over allegedly hurting religious sentiments and showing Indian Army in bad light”

    Mashable India commented on the complaint submitted by a well-known advocate, making it a bigger problem that expected:

    “Advocate Vineet Jindal submitted a complaint to Delhi Police commissioner Sanjay Arora against Aamir Khan and Paramount Pictures for ‘disrespecting the Indian Army and hurting Hindu sentiments” – Mashable India

    Like this, many people embarked on the criticism bandwagon of slow pacing but good acting reviews. These Laal Singh Chaddha Review Scores mainly are average with good score for acting and bad for pace and storyline. There are also some critics who like this adaptation with minor flaws but their voices are somehow getting buried underneath.

    Give the movie some time

    Another good point was made by a fellow actor, Harry Parmar who urged people to give movie some time. Talking to India Today, he said,

    “All I can say at the moment is that just a day’s collection does not describe a film or a film’s future. Let the film settle. Let the weekend be completed. Let us come to a conclusion after the 15th (August). Please see the effort behind making a film. It takes extreme man-hours, a thousand hours of creative process and a lot of money to make a film like LSC. Let us not just waste it. Those who cannot cook can easily point out flaws in a dish. But those who cook just eat the dish and appreciate the effort behind it,”

    One day success may be a bad way to judge a movie but having one of the lowest opening made a bad impression. Its true that sometimes one day isn’t enough to mark a project’s success. So lets wait and see if the scores improve.

    Final Thoughts

    According to my opinion, I agree with Harry Parmar. Amir Khan is known for his amazing method acting and captivating stories so his choice cannot be this bad. I think the hate is all spreading from one person to another which can happen. Even if its bad, the acting needs to be praised more as that is one of the good things about the movie, so props to Amir Khan and Kareena Kapoor and the whole cast!

    For the story, most of the criticism is because this is an exact copy of an already present movie. The reviews that Forest Grump got were fairly good which made it a hard competition between the two. The characters were almost the same too. It seems like critics were hoping for the story to go smoothly as it did for forest grump which the movie may not have delivered; or they wanted to see a new twist on the previously written plot. Who knows?

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