Jane Foster fan art that is more than just amazing

    In Thor: Love and Thunder trailer breakdown we discussed many secrets that have been revealed in this trailer, Jane Foster who now acts as the female Thor is also one of them. No doubt that the fans have been waiting to see her ever since she walked onto the stage of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 holding the hammer of Thor. With the release of Thor: Love and Thunder they’ll finally have their moment. Another thing that fans are curious about is whether will there be a reunion between Thor and Jane? since in Ragnarok they didn’t part on good terms. Well, I guess we will have to wait for further information but for now, here we have compiled a stunning collection of Jane Foster fan art that are more than just amazing, just for you.

    How ironic it is that every artist has their own art style, giving us a more diverse art to look at. The first one really gives away superwoman vibes while the one on the right offers more of a realistic design as compared to the first and some amazing job done with the detailing.

    These two fan art showcase Jane Foster in more of a gleaming form, with the first one being quite different and unique from all other fan art, complimenting the supremacy of the female Thor.

    These two are definitely our top two fan art, the left one looks more like one of those Greek Gods. On your right, the last but not the least is truly indescribable.

    These were some of our favorite Jane Foster fan art by some astonishing artists, make sure to check them out as well and support their work. For more fan art collections, keep following Retrolgy.

    Rehan Muzammil
    Rehan Muzammil
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