GamingFirst-Person ShooterHow to unlock Shi No Numa song in Vanguard Zombies (Easter Egg)

    How to unlock Shi No Numa song in Vanguard Zombies (Easter Egg)

    From the COD franchise, Call of Duty®: Vanguard was the latest to be introduced and was based around World War II. This game recently got a mini update that lets you play in a classic Zombie dystopian wasteland on one of the maps, Shi no noma. There is always something hidden in games to dig around for, and in this case, you can unlock Shi no Numa song in the Vanguard Zombies update.

    There are two Easter egg songs, with “The One” being the first song that comes before this moment in the story. The song we will be covering is known as “Samantha’s Sorrow”. Let’s take a look at how it can be activated.

    The process to Unlock the Shi no Numa song in COD Vanguard

    Fishing Hut; the place where this event occurs.
unlock Shi No Numa song Vanguard
    Fishing Hut; the place where this event occurs.

    There are a few tasks we need to complete for the song to play out. And here is the complete process of how to do it.

    1. Make your way to the fishing hut.
    2. Shoot all the pans present there.
      • Firstly will be on the window on the far right of the entrance.
      • Secondly can be found hidden above crates placed right of this window on the next wall.
      • Walk parallel to the window, and you will see the last pan on your left.
    3. After doing this, you will hear a faint sound of Samantha’s song being played nearby. You need to follow it.
    4. You will need to go and search for the location outside the hut, the porch area, and there you will see Samantha spawned on the ground.
    5. After she has spawned, go to the bridge and there you will have to shoot all the Smantha dolls. They will spawn one by one, and you have a specific amount of time for this, so be as fast as you can. There are a total of five dolls and all will spawn on the poles or the trees near them.
    6. When you are done, run back to the fishing Hut and interact with the Samantha Doll you first found. There, you will be rewarded with Max Ammo, which is essentially the goal.

    Here you have it, you now know how to unlock Shi No Numa song in Vanguard. It is a beautiful combination instrument, and you can now listen to it as you progress with your game.

    More about Samantha’s Sorrow

     The doll in human form which activated the song, Samantha's song.
unlock Shi No Numa song Vanguard
    The doll in human form which activated the song, Samantha’s song.

    This song, Samantha’s Sorrow, was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies 1.15 update. It is a beautiful instrumental of various instruments which are not quite calm but not harsh to the ears as well. It sets a very comforting tone to the gameplay, so it’s definitely recommended.

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