How to summon the Graveyard Zombie (Call of Duty Warzone)

    If you want something different in your experience of Call of Duty: Warzone, you can search for an interesting Easter Egg. This Easter egg is just a way of summoning Graveyard Zombie.

    This Zombie serves so purpose at all than give you a hefty amount of loot. So if you are just feeling like you want to search for something other than enemies to kill, then this amusing activity will be a good choice.

    How to summon the graveyard zombie?

    If you thought this process requires a lot to do, you are mistaken. There are only three steps in which the last one is literally just a button press. Here’s the process: Within the walls of the Graveyard, there are three candles hidden around.

    summon Graveyard Zombie
    The location of Fortune’s Keep graveyard where the Zombie can be summoned.
    • First, go to the graveyard and locate it in the middle of the area. The site is somewhere in the middle, around somewhere where the marker is placed on the map.
    • This site has many other types of loot and stuff so you can also collect them before this activity.
    • The next step is to look for candles. You need to find three candles which would be somewhere around the walls of mausoleums in the Graveyard. The location cannot be said for sure as they spawn differently each time so you need to look around for it yourself.
    • Once those candles are collected, go towards the front of the mausoleum where these were found and place them there.
    summon Graveyard Zombie
    This is how you may find candles, small and hidden in plain site.
    • Now, you need to light these candles. For that, aim with your gun exactly at its wick and shoot. This will light them up. Congrats you have found a new way of lighting candles but please don’t try this at home.
    • A sound like an evil laugh will be heard and this is your cue to move towards the middle grave. This gravestone will have a rounded top. Go near it and it will tell you to “Press F to pay respects”. This is an ongoing meme in the COD so, of course, you press F.
    • A zombie will climb out of the grave and the next step requires you to move fast.
    • Zombie has armor and is quite fast so kill him as quickly as you can.

    That’s all for the summoning of the graveyard zombie ritual. Now loot from this zombie is all yours.

    Why should you summon the graveyard zombie?

    You can decent amount of miscellaneous items with a Self-revive kit, armor, gas masks, and guns. The target also takes more than one magazine to kill so it’s a good trade at least.

    The benefit of this is not a lot but this experience just gives you something else to focus on rather the story of constant war and killing. You can do this just for fun and still get the loot so it’s totally up to you if you wanna try it or not.

    I wouldn’t suggest you do it or not as it’s just a moment thing where you wanna do it just because you want to, nothing else.

    Also, do check out How To Unlock Shi No Numa Song In Vanguard Zombies (Easter Egg). For more updates on Easter eggs in COD, stay tuned.

    Izna Anjum
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