How to Reach Lake of Rot in Elden Ring

    Scarlet rot is a condition that affects players who spend too much time in the dangerously crimson waters of the Lake of Rot location. You can get there by traveling down the Ainsel River Main toward the southwest from the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace.

    This guide will provide you with full instructions on how to reach Lake of Rot in Elden Ring.

    How to Get to Lake of Rot in Elden Ring

    Turn southwest to reach Lake of Rot from the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace in the Ainsel River Main. There is a lift in the region that will transport you to the lake’s northernmost point; the lift is inside a building past the location of the Baleful Shadow’s spawn. Right where you exit is the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace.

    A corpse near the water’s edge, directly after the Site of Grace, can be looted for the Map (Lake of Rot), which facilitates navigation.


    The area’s waters are dangerous since they quickly apply the Scarlet Rot Status Effect for each second you remain submerged. Preserving Boluses should be readily available to eliminate the status effect right away, and you should also wear Talismans, armor, and incantations (Flame, Cleanse Me) that can lessen its accumulation.

    Keep in mind that basilisks may ambush you by emerging from the water. The Beast-Repellent Torch will pacify all surrounding Basilisks, making the crossing of the lake much easier. Due to its enormous natural Immunity, the Mushroom Set can make navigating this section much simpler. Due to the Basilisks’ lack of direct damage, its poor defense stats are useless against them.

    A lone Ancestral Follower may be seen wading in the rot in the distance if you first scan the southeast from the shoreline. You can quickly approach it and kill it to obtain the Immunizing Horn Charm +1, which greatly improves your immunity. Your resistance to scarlet rot will increase due to immunity, which will ease your passage through the area.

    4 Pillars

    You might be able to make out four pillars standing on their own tiny island in the distance if you stare out into the lake. In order to give you safe platforms to stand on while exploring the Lake of Rot, these little islands have buttons on them that elevate landmasses in the lake.

    The starting island’s southwest pillar should be the one closest to you right now, and the next one should be south of the first one, which may be reached by navigating the first pillar’s freshly raised platforms.

    From here, leap onto the platform just east of the second pillar, turn to the southeast, and step onto a sizable platform with the base of a broken pillar in order to go to the third pillar. Further exploration will use this center platform as a reference point.

    Just southwest of this broad platform is the third pillar.

    Nearest to the exterior walls of the far-off building, the fourth pillar is situated farther southwest of pillar #3. This time, without any platforms to help you get there safely, you will need to run across the rot. You will be raised up next to the pillar by pushing the button. If you engage him in combat while you are up here, you can seize both the Somber Smithing Stone and the Alabaster Lord’s Sword.


    Elden Ring Lake of Rot

    A ladder at the end of the slope enables you to descend or ascend on the east side of the pillar. The Teardrop Scarab at the bottom of the ramp below this staircase drops a Somber Smithing Stone.

    You’ll get the Remembrance of the Naturalborn after defeating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, through the mist door. You can discover a lift that will take you back to the surface at Deep Ainsel Well by activating the Site of Grace in this boss arena, then moving north past his boss room. You won’t be able to access this route if you don’t have the Dark Moon Ring.

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