How to play Sniper Elite 5 online

    Sniper Elite is definitely one of the most played and moved franchises in the gaming community. Rebellions Developments brings to you a brand new instalment Sniper Elite 5 in the series. Released on 26th May the game is up for sale on Steam. It is a tactical third-person combat game and also has an enhanced kill cam. Sort of mixed reviews have surfaced on the internet regarding the game but die-hard fans of the series seem to be loving it. Previously, we have covered Fixing Sniper Elite 5 Crashing and Black Screen Issue so check that out as well. In this guide, we will tell you how to play Sniper Elite 5 online.

    Sniper Elite 5 allows you to team up with a friend to score gory X-ray kills on unsuspecting soldiers as a duo. There is of course a single-player campaign mode but this time around great emphasis has been laid on the multiplayer mode. So, let’s dive right into the guide.

    Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op modes

    Co-Op Campaign

    The first Co-Op option is the Co-Op Campaign. This allows you and your friend to tackle Karl Fairburne’s story together. It will allow you to call out enemies and coordinate your kills.

    Note: If you want to play with a friend you will have to start from scratch rather than starting from a specific section.

    Co-Op Survival

    The Co-Op Survival lets four players work and play together to defend an area from the enemy troops. You can share ammunition and special items with the team.

    Invasion Mode

    This will let you invade another player’s Campaign as an Axis Sniper. What will follow is a deadly game of cat and mouse which will provide you with a totally new dimension.

    Tense adversarial multiplayer

    You can customize your character and loadout to earn XP. This mode will let you take on an intensely competitive 16 players battle.

    How to Play Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op?

    No matter which mode you choose to play, you can access Sniper Elite 5 directly through the main menu. Here’s how to do it:

    • Firstly, Boot up the game.
    • Next, head over to the main menu.
    • At the top of the list, hit the “Play” option.
    • Select “Host Co-Op Game,” or select Survival mode under Campaign.
    • According to the experience you want, go ahead and adjust your settings.
    • Lastly, invite your friend.

    Multiplayer bugs and fixes

    A huge issue in the multiplayer modes like PvP and Survival is not being able to find players. If you are facing this issue try the below-mentioned suggestions.

    Ensure Cross-Play is enabled

    This will open up matchmaking and it will be easier to find matches and lobbies.

    Add other players as friends

    You can also go ahead and add players as friends if the problem is persistent.

    Widen matchmaking search

    Rather than hunting for a specific game mode, go ahead and choose “Any”.

    This is all on how to play Sniper Elite 5 online. For more gaming and guides be sure to head over to Retrology.

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