TechHow to loop a YouTube video

    How to loop a YouTube video

    With YouTube having more than two billion monthly viewers, it’s understandable that many people use YouTube as their primary source of leisure, motivation, and amusement. Many people enjoy listening to their favorite songs, ASMR videos, meditation guides, and other types of video content over and over again. It’s convenient to be able to play a video on repeat while relaxing or doing other things. But how do you exactly play a YouTube video on a loop? If you’re also looking for the answer then don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

    Loop a YouTube video on a PC

    Recently YouTube has made it a lot easier for users to play any video on a loop no matter which browser they are using, here’s how.

    Youtube video loop
    • Access the YouTube website and play the video you want to repeat
    • Right-click anywhere on the video
    • Click loop to repeat the video over and over again

    On Mobile App

    For quite a while users did not have the option to loop a video on the mobile app but recently YouTube has launched the loop feature for mobiles as well. It works for all mobiles whether IOS or Android. Here’s how to activate it

    Youtube video loop
    • Access the YouTube App on your mobile phone and play the video you want to loop
    • Tap anywhere on the video and on the top right corner you will find a settings icon or the three dots
    • Tap on the settings icon and a pop-up menu will appear
    • Turn on the loop video on the pop-up menu to repeat the video over and over again
    Youtube video loop

    That is all about how to play YouTube videos on a loop. For more tech-related content or fixes, keep following Retrology.

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