GamingRole-PlayingHow to get to The Radio Tower in Raft (Radio Tower Locations)

    How to get to The Radio Tower in Raft (Radio Tower Locations)

    The players in the survival game, Raft, float on the sea while trying to stay alive by collecting salvageable items. They will encounter islands on their journey where they can gather valuable resources like food and wood. One of those locations is Radio tower and this guide will help you with Radio Tower location in Raft.

    As most of the games, Raft also has a story behind the gameplay, and it demands the players to complete some tasks by going to several checkpoints and collecting clues. One of the checkpoints where you can find several clues is the Radio Tower. This is one of the main location where you need to go in order for the game to begin its story mode.

    Preparation for reaching Radio Tower

    Craft a Raft

    Radio Tower Location Raft
    Raft Image via IGN

    Before we proceed with the Radio Tower Location in Raft, you’ll need to make the raft. Items required to create a raft are:

    • Plank x2
    • Plastic x2

    Add Antennas and Receiver

    Making an antenna requires

    • Scrap x4
    • Bolt x1
    • Circuit board x1

    To make a receiver, you will need to gather

    • Plastic x6
    • Hinge x1
    • Plank x8
    • Circuit board x2
    Radio Tower Location Raft

    After you’re done with crafting both, set up the receiver and 3 antennas one level higher. For the receiver to operate completely, you also need a battery.

    Location of Radio Tower in Raft

    You will receive a four-digit code in your narrative diary as #XXXX when you turn on the receiver. Basically, those are the GPS coordinates for the radio tower. A blue dot tells the player where to adjust the sail. The Radio Tower is indicated with the blue dot. If you follow the blue dot, you will get to the tower.

    At the Radio Tower, one floor of the island submerged underwater. Sharks are present underwater, however, they won’t attack you once you are close to the tower.

    The materials you can gather from the island are glass, plastic, and scrap metal. On the tower, there are a lot of containers and abandoned items like barrels and platforms, so look for things you can use to ascend to the top.

    You will discover numerous notes as well as a new four-digit code as you ascend to the top room. The four-digit code is the blueprint of the new quest you can unlock. You can access it in your journal after you receive it. The new task is crafting a headlight. To find the location of the new mission, go to the receiver and enter the new code using the lever and buttons.

    Collectibles At The Radio Tower In Raft

    Headlamp blueprint

    It is an equitable gadget that can aid players in their exploration of the shadowy ocean depths.

    Recycler blueprint

    It is a device used to create Trash Cubes.

    A new character, Tala

    Tala is a new playable character in Raft.

    Five (5) Story Notes

    Rafting enthusiasts will receive a fresh set of numbers after touring the Radio Tower, which will direct them to the Vasagatan, the next stop.

    That is all for this guide for the Radio Tower location in Raft. For more help in your exploration of the horizons ahead, be sure to check help guides from Retrology.

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