GamingRole-PlayingHow to get Free Refills Trophy in Saints Row (2022)

    How to get Free Refills Trophy in Saints Row (2022)

    If you are one of those players who like to hunt down every collectible and trophy, then this will interest you. Knowing how many there are and what criteria you must meet might help in getting your desired goals. Saints Row doesn’t feature a lot of difficult milestones or awards but some can be hard to understand. To aid you with that, here is the complete guide for Saints Row Free Refills Trophy with any details you might need.

    Process: How to get Saints Row Free Refills Trophy

    • First get a car, by force or buying it it’s up to you. Just make sure that it can handle nitrous boost.
    • Once you have a car, preferably Attrazione, you must take it to the Jim Rob garage and pay $7500 to have the Nitrous installed.
      • Select the car.
      • Go to customize.
      • Select Equipment.
      • You’ll get three options. From those, choose Nitrous.
    Nitrous boost: saints row free refills trophy
    Nitrous boost
    • This is needed to obtain the trophy, so have enough money to buy it. Also, you’ll first have to unlock the car’s ability. If the car cannot be upgraded, then change the car which has the option to get a nitrous boost.
    • For the mission, you need to drive on a long, wide road and finish your nitrous boost bar three times. This bar is present on the bottom right of your screen in light blue color.
    The nitrous bar in the bottom right
    The nitrous bar in the bottom right
    • You must use the entire nitrous bar without colliding with another vehicle. When you finish the whole nitrous bar three times, the car’s ability, “Infinite Boost,” will be activated.
    • Also, when you finish the nitrous bar without striking another car in Infinite boost, the nitrous bar will refill itself.
    • After gaining access to the Infinite boost signature ability, equip it from the Jim Rob garage and head to any highway.
      • Go to customize after choosing the car.
      • Go to the last option, Signature Ability, and turn it on.
    Signature Ability: saints row free refills trophy
    Signature Ability
    • To acquire the free refill trophy or accomplishment, you must use the trademark ability infinity boost. Do the previous thing again by using all three bars of nitrous without colliding with another vehicle.
    • If you strike another car before three refills, you will not receive the achievement. You’ll need to start again if that happens.
    • This trophy can be obtained by riding any car which supports both of these abilities.
    • To gain the accomplishment, be sure to unlock the vehicle’s ability and spend all three refills of limitless nitrous before stopping the boost or hitting any automobile.

    As soon as you complete the task, you’ll be rewarded with Saints Row Free Refills Trophy with a notification on your screen. With this trophy in hand and done, you can focus on other trophies like:

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