How to get Exquisite Hearts in V Rising

    V Rising is a survival open-world game where you play as a vampire while hunting monsters and collecting a variety of resources required for the extensive crafting system. Its main task is to upgrade your castle, craft the desired gear, and progress your vampire through the game. V Rising was released on May 17, 2022, and was developed by Stunlock Studios. It is available for $8.19 on Steam. Today we’ll guide you on how to get Exquisite Hearts in V Rising. You can find V Rising Cheat Codes and other gaming content on Retrology as well.

    Exquisite Heart

    Exquisite Hearts are a type of consumable in V Rising that can be refined into Pristine Blood Essence using a Blood Press. They can also be consumed to gain a small amount of blood but then it will turn your blood type to frail. Exquisite Hearts is a rare drop that can be used to make powerful equipment in the game. 

    exquisite hearts v rising

    Silverlight Hills

    You can get Exquisite Hearts from defeating level 68+ enemies in Silverlight Hills. Go to the Brighthaven Cathedral for the best chance of finding enemies above level 68+ so you can farm them for that resource. Enemies here use Holy attacks which the vampires are prone to. You’ll have to stock up on Holy Resistance Flasks to mitigate the damage.

    exquisite hearts v rising

    Holy Resistance Flask

    Holy Resistance Flasks are very important here and to get its recipe you’ll need to fight and defeat Wilfred. Wilfred, the Werewolf Chief, can be found at the Gloomgrave Village which is located northeast of the Dunley Farmlands. Upon defeating Wilfred, the Werewolf Chief, you will be rewarded with the Heart Strike Power and Holy Resistance Flask recipe.

    exquisite hearts v rising

    Fighting Mobs

    Killing the human enemies, mostly Priests and Paladins, have a higher chance to drop the item. Upon defeat, the enemies drop Exquisite Hearts that you can pick up. There is not a 100% chance that enemies will drop an Exquisite Heart upon defeat and they take a while to respawn so if you want to farm Exquisite Hearts, it may take some time.

    We hope that this guide was helpful to you in learning how to get Exquisite Hearts in V Rising and helping your character to rise to the very top. Keep following Retrology for more amazing guides.

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