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    How to get Cerberus Mount – Lost Ark

    Lost Ark is a free-to-play online role-playing game (RPG) created by Tripod Studio and Smilegate. With many other updates since its release, one of the creatures everyone had their eyes set on is Cerberus Mount. This article will show you how to obtain the Legendary Cerberus mount in Lost Ark, a new addition to the game also known as the three-headed legendary dog.

    Aside from its amazing aesthetics and powers that will help you enjoy the game and achieve difficult missions, you’ll need to unlock it first. Unfortunately, unlocking it isn’t free, and you must invest actual money to receive this one-of-a-kind pack rather than grinding for it.

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    Buy Platinum Founder’s Pack

    The Cerberus mount is only available in the Platinum Founder’s Pack, which is the most expensive Founder’s Pack. The Platinum Founder’s Pack costs $99.99, and not many players are willing to part with that much money.

    Of course, the Platinum Founder’s Pack comes with a slew of extra perks, including cosmetic and gameplay advantages, as well as other one-of-a-kind customizable goodies.

    1. Purchase the Platinum Founder’s bundle.
    2. After purchasing, you will obtain the open chest from the Lost Ark Shop. You may get to the shop by clicking on the bottom right bar.
    3. To access your purchased pack, open the shop and then click on the Product inventory option on the shop page.
    4. Now, select the Cerberus Mount chest and click on chest preview.
    5. You’ll have various options for different skins. These include White, Gray, Blue, Black, Red, Orange, and Indigo Cerberus Mount Skin. You can only choose one of these. Once chosen, the other options will die down.

    Other Rewards

    Apart from Cerberus Mount and its skins, you can also get some other exclusive items with this purchase. These items include:

    • Platinum Welcome Chest x1
    • Crystalline Aura (30 days) x1
    • Hero’s Ascent Upgrade Chest x1
    • Lawmaker Set x1
    • Platinum Complimentary Skin Set x1
    • Cerberus Mount Selection Chest x1
    • Cat Pet Selection Chest x1

    Is the pack worth your money?

    Considering how the pack is straight up to 100 dollars, you need to think carefully before buying it. If you intend to devote a significant amount of time to Lost Ark and make it your main game, you should consider acquiring this pack. It will be quite advantageous then as it is jam-packed with prizes. But if you just want a Cerberus mount for fun and are not planning to use it a lot, saving your money may be a better option.

    There hasn’t been any news confirmed, but if the demand increases, then maybe the game developers make another way of getting it. Give the game some time, and maybe one day you will be able to get it as a prize for a quest or task.

    That’s all you’ll need to know about Cerberus Mount in Lost Ark. For more help in the game, check out the Lost Ark guides on the site, Retrology.

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