How to Fix File System Error (-2147416359)

    Regular updates of Windows 10/8/7 deployed on your system bring a lot of changes to your currently running applications. However, sometimes these updates might not be that much beneficial for you. Instead, of expecting a smooth and efficient system performance, small bugs and lags may arise. Multiple users have reported file system errors such as Photo App Error, Enabling/ Disabling fixes, and much more. In this article, we are going to help you tackle these errors and will provide you with steps to fix the file system error (-214741359).

    Bad sectors and disk integrity corruption are one of the reasons for these file system errors. However, these errors are most probably triggered by some corrupted system files or updating problems. If you are struggling with such errors, then just follow some simple steps to fix the file system error (-214741359).

    Steps to repair the file system error on Windows 10/8/7

    These errors are easy to fix, however, you need to keep patience and look for the best fix guide to solve this problem. Moreover, here are some steps that you should follow in order to get rid of this error.

    1. Search Run on the taskbar and as the run window pops up type services.msc on it.
    2. This command will take you to the Services page, scroll down, and look for the Windows License Manager option.
    3. Click on it and select properties.
    4. In the General section, go to Startup Type, and select Manual.
    5. Click on Apply and then exit that window.
    6. Lastly, restart your PC.
    fix file system error
    fix file system error

    These pictures will best guide you to fix the file system error on your system. Follow these steps and fix this problem with much ease. Take help from these pictures in case you cannot follow the steps properly. For more tech guides and fixes, keep following Retrology.

    Wijdan Rana
    Wijdan Rana
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