How to fix and check Lost Ark Server Status

    Lost Ark is one of the most popular multiplayer online role-playing games, developed in Korea but later launched by Amazon Games. However, a game as huge as this one is bound to have some server status issues here and there. This is why we have a complete guide to tell you how to fix and check your Lost Ark Server Status.

    Lost Ark Server Down

    The game is currently down for maintenance. If you are wondering how long the server stays down, the answer is a couple of hours.

    Checking the Lost Ark Server Status

    For any online game you wish to play, it is crucial to be aware of your server status. This keeps you well informed of the issues you and your fellow players might be facing. There can be multiple reasons for servers being down. However, for players’ convenience, Lost Ark server status is available on the game’s official website, Twitter, and Reddit accounts. 

    Prerequisites for joining a Lost Ark server

    lost ark server status

    Players should keep in mind to join the server that has been made for their region. Selecting a server that is geographically out of bounds might cause the players some difficulties in connection and frequent repetitive lagging while playing the game. 

    Also, for an uninterrupted gaming experience with your friends, make sure to join the same server as they do. This makes teaming up fairly easy. 

    Updated Lost Ark Server List

    lost ark server status

    To accommodate the traffic on the recent release date, Lost Ark has added a lot of servers spanning different areas, covering North and South America as well as parts of Europe. Following is the updated list of Lost Ark servers: 

    North America (East)


    North America (West)


    Central Europe


    South America


    Fixing the Lost Ark Server Status

    While the official fix of the game is under work, there are some quick fixes you can try on your own: 

    Test your internet connection

    Try power cycling your modem and router. Disconnect any devices you are not using from the wifi. You can also play on an ethernet connection. 

    lost ark server status

    Restart the game/Steam

    It may seem like a temporary workaround and you may have to try it multiple times, but it is the quickest fix you can try.

    Repair game files

    lost ark server status

    Verify the integrity of the game files on Steam. Know more about your file locations, here.

    Update the graphics driver

    Your game performance can be impacted if the graphics driver is outdated or faulty.

    Configure your firewall settings

    Check if your firewall has blocked Lost Ark.

    lost ark server status

    Check your DNS settings

    This is important as corrupted DNS caches may cause random connection issues.

    Repair corrupted system files

    Most of the time, manual repair is required but you can also use the System File Checker tool to look for any critical system issues. 

    These were a few tips to help you check and fix your Lost Ark Server Status. For more gaming guides, stay tuned with Retrology. 

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