How to find the Cobblepot’s Office Bugs in Gotham Knights – Complete Solution

    Gotham Knights are the new superheroes club RPG game. And Oswald Cobblepot is another important character from the game. You have to help him find the bugs or spying devices in his office. Here in the Gotham Knights Cobblepot’s Office Bugs guide about detecting the listening bugs in his office. And here are all the instructions you need to follow.

    Heroes from Gotham Knights are after the villains and thugs of the city. This combat-focused RPG adventure game focuses on the story after Batman’s death. And how his family took responsibility to protect the locals. With such a huge duty, they have a keen observation of major crime areas and active mafia. And they have to keep patrolling the city.

    Gotham Knights: Cobblepot

    Gotham Knights: Cobblepot
    Gotham Knights: Cobblepot

    Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin is one of the mafias in the city. He stays at the resort known as Iceberg Lounge. For this mission, you have to visit the lounge two times. 

    On your first visit, you wouldn’t achieve much from them. As they would be taking other heroes as seriously as Batman. He is more interested in knowing how Gotham Knights are looking out for his illegal activities.

    As for the second visit, you are to follow the correct instructions to get information from him. You have to look for the listening devices or bugs around Cobblepot’s office before you can make him talk. Here are all the steps in detail.

    How to find the Cobblepot’s Office Bugs in Gotham Knights

    Analyze the objects to check for bugs
    Analyze the objects to check for bugs

    Enter Iceberg Lounge 

    You can’t enter the lounge from the front door. So you need an alternative. You can find the vent in the roof to sneak inside the lounge. But of course, there will be enemies waiting for you. Defeat them to reach the Cobblepots office.

    There are seven guards at different levels waiting for you. You have to take them quietly and smoothly one by one. To achieve Avoid Taking Damage bonus quickly. Or else, they will come together as an army against you at once. Which isn’t good for you.

    Inside Cobblepot’s Office 

    As you enter his office, you will see him seated at his desk. He will hint to you to be quiet as he will inform you that the room is bugged. And now it’s your mission to detect them so you’re safe to talk to him.

    When you go around the room, you will see some of the time in the room will be lit up with purple light. They seem to be bugged. Cobble pot will also help you to find them by involving you in a casual talk. And giving you hidden hints about it. You have to use your scanner to locate them. They will be at three different spots in the room.

    • Inside the lamp that is in the corner of the office.
    • Inside the plant pot behind the desk.
    • Inside the sculpture of Penguin that will be on the wall next to the door.

    Destroy all bugs from Cobblepot’s Office

    After you collect all bugs and destroy them. As the room is bug-free, you will pick a bottle of whiskey and pour two glasses for yourself and Cobblepot. He will update you that something sinister is getting cooked in the Power Club. And also provide information about the Court of Owls.

    In the end, complete the mission and keep up with the story. For more Gotham Knights guides, check the Guides section of Retrology.

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