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    How to find Beru in Live A Live

    Beru is one of the major characters from Live A Live. She is a cave girl who avoids being sacrificed to a dinosaur as part of the Ku Tribe’s ritual. She then runs to the southern tribe and hides in the hay piles, where she is spotted by Pogo, and we’ll go through the rest of the procedure here.

    If you need a healer for your group, read on to learn how to locate Beru in Live A Live and recruit her.

    How to find Beru in Live A Live – Walkthrough

    • Gori will have vanished by the time Pogo awakens. We can trace him down using his scent or by the tracker on the mini-map.
    • Gori had wandered to the cave’s storage area while sleeping.
    • Leave Pogo’s room and proceed west to the hub area. On the right side of the cave, look for a tunnel with a bone insignia over the entrance.
    The cave with Bone symbol / insignia
    The cave with the Bone symbol/insignia
    • Gori is sleeping on the floor inside. Wake him up and leave the room with him.
    • You’ll watch a short cutscene of someone grabbing a slab of meat from the nearby pile. 
    The cutscene where we first see Beru
    The cutscene where we first see Beru
    • Return to the food storage chamber again with the bone over it.
    • Once inside, poke the hay pile from where the hand emerged. If you can’t remember, poke all the haystacks and you’ll find the one where she is hidden.
    Poking the haystacks
    Poking the haystacks
    • Go out again and return to the haystacks. Next, poke each stack where the thief is hiding. It would be like the game of cups where you guess under which the ball is.
    • For your convenience, this is the sequence:
      • Haystack on the far right.
      • Haystack second from the left.
      • Haystack on the second row from the right.
    The order in which the haystack are to be interacted with. Also a glimpse of Beru.
    The order in which the haystacks are to be interacted with. Also a glimpse of Beru.
    • After the individual has moved, use the sense of smell and poke the same haystack once again.
    • You’ll see the haystack move to the corner of the room.
    • Take the hunk of meat and put it in front of the stack. Then leave the room.
    • As you return, you will see the meat gone and the bone will come flying out.
    • When you approach the haystack this time, the individual will expose herself to be Beru.
    • Beru will join Pogo’s party after a small cutscene.
    • Then wake up Gori and exit the cave as he gets into a little altercation in the cutscene. Now, you know how to find Beru in Live a Live.

    Beru hiding in the haystack

    The next morning, Pogo wouldn’t find Beru again. It’s easier to find her this time as she is just in the haystack present in the corner of the room. She slept under it as her comfort place.

    Beru in the corner of the room in the morning.
    Beru in the corner of the room in the morning.

    Beru Statistics

    Now that you’ve found Beru, you can add her to the team. She is really fragile with no combat practice but she comes in handy after level 3. She is a healer and can help in healing during boss fights a lot. Her power increases after level 5 so if you want a healer on your team, Beru is the one.

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