GamingRole-PlayingHow to evolve Riolu: Pokemon Legends: Arceus

    How to evolve Riolu: Pokemon Legends: Arceus

    Riolu is a Generation IV baby Pokémon of the Fighting type. It has two types: Fighting and Steel, making it extremely flexible in battle. It is the infant version of Lucario, one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game, and transforms into Lucario during the day when leveled up with high friendliness. However, in order to progress, you may need to devote some time to maintain the friendship. If you want to know about how to evolve Riolu in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you can keep reading to find out the details.

    What is needed to evolve Riolu?

    Riolu transforms into Lucario in Arceus when it obtains a high friendship level. However, because Arceus lacks a real-time day/night system, Riolu no longer has to level up during the day to be eligible for evolution. Riolu can now be evolved more easily than ever before because one of its evolution requirements has been completely abolished in Arceus.

    Trainers had to earn maximum friendship levels with Riolu and then level it up during the day in order for it to develop into Lucario in previous generations of Pokémon.

    Riolu’s PokeBall icon will blink in the Party menu screen when it has a high enough friendship level, indicating that it is ready to evolve. When you select a Pokémon, you will be given the choice to evolve it. Simply choose to do so, and you’ll get a Lucario right away.

    How to increase Friendship with Riolu

    To evolve Riolu into his second form, Lucario, you must first increase its friendship level to a very high level. Once this occurs, it will be able to develop into Lucario the following time it levels up. Here are some pointers to assist you to increase Riolu’s friendliness.

    • Keep Riolu at your party at all times.
    •  Use Riolu frequently in battle.
    •  Win the battle with Riolu.
    •  Don’t let Riolu faint.
    •  Give Riolu EXP Candy 
    •  Use Riolu to collect materials.

    Feeding Riolu loads of Candies is the quickest (albeit most expensive) way to swiftly improve your Friendship Level. Small Candies (Candy S) in particular provide the most friendship for the least amount of money.

    The next fastest technique, aside from pushing Riolu into a sugar high, is to gather resources with it. Simply have Riolu acquire every conceivable thing you come across, and you’ll get their Friendship Level raised to the point where they can develop in about a half hour (if done efficiently).

    Is it beneficial to evolve Riolu?

    Players will have success with Lucario, and it is definitely worth the effort to grow Riolu’s friendship to this stage. Lucario is a formidable Pokémon that can do amazing damage and also looks cool. He is quite strong and can take on opponents well on his own.

    Hopefully, this guide helped you understand how you can evolve Riolu. For more help in games, check out the guides section.

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