How to Defeat The Horace Threat in The DioField Chronicle

    The Main Quest in DioField Chronicle is The Horace Threat. This quest is easy to pass through until you reach the last boss. This boss is tricky to defeat as there are two of them attacking you at the same time. There are several ways you can use to help you defeat The DioField Chronicle Horace Threat bosses so let’s get onto the tips which would help you through.

    The DioField Chronicle: Horace Threat Final Boss

    The final boss is called The Gigas. First of all, these Gigas have two health bars, as the game will mention. You can’t just spam stun and keep them in that state because they will resist status conditions like stun for a while after you strike them with it. In this scenario, you cannot stun them once more as long as they have the tiny yellow icon, as seen in the image.

    Furthermore, these Gigas are different. The first is a Soldier, and the second is a Fighter. The gigas with a shield, soldier, will periodically perform a forward charge, while the other gigas has a wide area of attack. The good news is that whenever you notice these attacks, you can move out of the way and avoid them.

    Ways to Defeat The Gigas: The Horace Threat

    Use Explosive Kegs

    Explosive Kegs will be dispersed all over the place. When gigas are nearby, blow these up to deliver significant damage. They can make the job of killing them a lot easier so use them a lot.

    Stretch the fight towards the bridge

    Utilize the bridges on the map to hem your opponents into a small space. As a result, they are exposed to heavy attacks. Also, the bridge makes the attacks to be easily placed due to them both being confined to a small area.

    Put up Shield Wall

    The bosses will continue attacking the shield wall while you heal your units or wait for skills to come off cooldown, which is a terrific way to divert their attention. To increase your chances of survival, you must do this.

    Breakdown Gigas’ Special Attacks

    You’ll notice that the Gigas will begin charging up their abilities during the battle. This is clear from the animation used when they draw their weapons. Fortunately, you can stop this power by utilizing Shield Bash.

    Assassinate skill

    You can occasionally utilize someone with the assassinate skill to go behind one of the gigas when they turn around. During this time, a potion can be used to heal others. This tactic can help you win this battle because Assassinate’s burst damage will destroy one of the Gigas and make the remaining Gigas easy pickings.

    That’s all on how to defeat the DioField Chronicle Horace Threat. Hopefully, it’ll help you. For more gaming guides, head over to our site, Retrology.

    Izna Anjum
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