How to defeat The Bandit King in V Rising

    V Rising is a multiplayer surviving game developed by Stunlock Studios. The game was released on May 22th, 2022, on Windows. The game allows the user to play a customizable vampire who is weakened after waking up from centuries of slumber. In this guide, we will show some tips that may help you defeat Quincey, the Bandit King in V Rising. Defeating Quincey gives the players access to the Smithy, Recipes for Iron weapons, and the first ultimate ability.


    You must be at least level 30 to be ready to challenge this boss. In addition, you must fight Clive, the Firestarter, who is found on the left of the Farbane Woods in the Sulfur Quarry.

    clive in v rising location

    Defeating Clive will give you access to an Explosive Box which can be used to blow resource deposits, but more importantly, to breach the walls of the Bandit King’s stronghold. To craft this device, you will need 8 of Sulfur, 8 of Planks, and 4 Whetstones. Sulfur can be made in the Furnace using Sulfur Ores.

    Finding the Boss:

    bandit king in v rising

    Quincey can be found on the very north in the center of Farbane Woods. It is recommended to reach the base before nightfall and defeat the boss at night. This will make it easier as you will not have to worry about the sun hurting you. Keep the Explosive Box close to the gate, hit the Box, and exit the range of the explosive. Next, you have to take the stairs to the top of the stronghold. Moreover, you will be faced with different enemies on the floors which you will have to defeat to proceed.

    Fighting the Boss:

    Once you reach the boss, you should fight the minions he summons first. The minions can be troublesome to deal with while fighting the boss.

    The boss can do an Earthquake Slam attack which breaks a part of the ground that explodes after a few seconds.

    bandit king in v rising
    Earthquake Slam

    The boss can also do a charging attack where he will rush towards you at a great speed dealing a lot of damage. However, the boss attacks in a straight line which gives the player an opportunity to move out of its path.

    Charged attack

    Additionally, the boss has the ability to create a shield that blocks all your attacks and deflects all projectiles thrown toward him. If the attacks deflected hit the player, they will deal damage.

    Mirror Shield

    Furthermore, the boss has an enraged state where he does three charged attacks in a row. These deal a lot of damage so you have to be sure to dodge them.

    We hope these tips help you in the battle against the bandit king in V Rising. Finally, you can also check out our Best Base locations and Twilight Sniper location in V rising. For more gaming guides, stay tuned to Retrology.

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