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    How to defeat Telomerase – Harvestella

    Apart from puzzles and craftable itemsHarvestella also has some boss stages which can pose a little more difficult than the usual ones. To go through these boss fights, you need to learn about them in detail. Once you get a grasp of that, you can use that info to plan out your attacks and defeat them. This guide will help you defeat Telomerase from Harvestella Chapter 3.


    Telomerase is one of two bosses you encounter in Chapter 3: Heaven’s Egg which is the first part of the three sections chapter 3 is in. At the end of the battle, the Telomerase possesses a unique power that allows it to regenerate when it wants to.

    Telomerase, like other bosses, has four break traits. Here are those:

    • Slash Attribute
    •  Crush Attribute
    •  Wind Attribute
    •  Poison Attribute

    Using attacks with these traits causes the boss to enter a “Break” condition when their damage is enhanced. Telomerase has the ability to Slash, Crush, Wind, and Poison. Wind assaults are the realm of Harvestella’s Sky Lancer job, which players should have unlocked by now. By donning the Sky Lancer job, players may swiftly construct the Telomerase into a “Break” state by using Asyl’s Wind assaults. Mainly at this level, you’ll have Crush-based attacks, so combining that with Aria is really beneficial.

    Defeating Telomerase

    If you need to replenish Health or Stamina, you can return to the Motus Monolite before the Telomerase fight begins to take a break.

    Aria and Asyl, take on the Telomerase boss. The Telomerase can target them as the player strikes them with ranged weapons. This may also be accomplished using the Fighter’s Crescent Slash.

    The boss’s poison assault is the most difficult obstacle in Telomerase combat. When hit, the protagonist and their friends gradually lose HP. When paired with the Telomerase’s other assaults, this causes players to lose HP far faster than expected. There are a few options for dealing with this.

    The first is to utilize Harvestella’s Kitchen improvement and make meals like Mountain Stir Fry, which can recover a lot of HP.

    Second is building a Fermenting Barrel on the farm and utilizing it for Vegetable Juice is also beneficial, as it restores 700 HP without requiring an animation. Also, the Mage employment allows players to keep out of Telomerase’s way.

    As far as Harvestella players remain focused on their HP, the Telomerase may be defeated once and for all, allowing the group to resume their journey through Heaven’s Egg. When vanquished, Telomerase reanimates and begins to heal its own wounds. At this point, you can leave and continue the game.

    That’s all for the guide on how to defeat Telomerase in Harvestella. For more similar guides, check out the gaming and guides section.

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