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    How to defeat Gryla in God of War Ragnarok

    Gryla is a giant that you need to defeat in the fifth chapter, The Lost Sanctuary of God of War Ragnorak. To defeat her, you need a good plan than a good fighter. I have structured a good plan for you to defeat God of War Ragnarok Gryla in three phrases with proper techniques and exact attacks to use at her.

    God of War Ragnorak: Gryla

    God of War Ragnorak: Gryla

    Defeat Gryla Phase 1

    As the fight begins, attack Gryla with all our weapons. Keep attacking till she is stunned. The beginning of this phase will be easy. During the fight, try to hit the cauldron where there will be purple runes. This will provide a good deal of damage. If you can’t see it during the fight, then wait till she moves the cauldron around. This will be easy when you lock her with R3 there she will reveal her runes. 

    During the fight, Gryla will try to hit with many things from her cauldron at you. You can protect yourself by dodging them as you move side by side. When you get close enough, she will stomp her foot. You need to protect yourself from her fall.

    Try to hit her runes four times and her health will drop by almost three bars, and Gryla will fall to the ground. Reach her and give melee attack her runes before she gets back on her feet. If she gets on her feet, the second phase begins.

    Defeat Gryla Phase 2

    In the second phase, the factors will turn red and you need to protect yourself so get up to the ledge to be safe. The technique to pass through this phase is to move up and down to be safe from the red floor. As you reach the safe zone, move Gryla to one of those large candles that are on the edge of the ledges. When she gets to that spot, make Agraboda explode when the prompt appears.

    Now take Atreus’ help to hit the runes in Gryla’s cauldron. Make sure to keep an eye on her when she is moving her purple runes around. Because you need to protect yourself from the projectile attack she ejects from her cauldron. Keep looking at her health after attacks. As the health goes down four bars, Gryla will be stunned. Same strategy as the previous phase. Run to get and give miles attacks to provide maximum damage. 

    Defeat Gryla Phase 3

    This last phase will be more intense. In phase 3, you will repeat the same technique from phase 2. Where you have to bring her to Agraboda and explode it. Swing it between platforms to get a better angle to hit the runes. Remember that Gryla projects missile attacks at you. Keep dodging them and once her health is one bar down, get close to her and press R3 to finish the fight. 

    In the end, God of War Ragnarok Gryla will be defeated after these techniques and tips. For more such gaming content, check the Gaming page on Retrology.

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