How to complete the Lost in The Sands World Quest in Genshin Impact

    Genshin Impact 3.1 update is finally here with a new unexplored desert area and many exciting quests it brings with it. Lost in the Sands is the first quest you will come across in the main Golden Slumber questline in Genshin Impact. You will need to complete this in order to explore the new desert area and the ruins of Abdju Pit. 

    The quest may be a little lengthy and involves a series of mind-rattling puzzles. No worries though because we have an easy-to-follow guide to help you through the Genshin Impact Lost in The Sands quest:

    Unlock the Quest

    In order to start the quest, you will have to unlock it first. Head over to Aaru Village and look for Bonifaz there. Talking to him will unlock the quests, and the Golden Slumber quest line will start.

    Genshin Impact Lost in The Sands

    Search for the Archeology team

    You will need to look for archeologists. Keep an eye out for footprints on the main road. If you see these, follow them as they will lead you to Abdju Road. Keep following them till you come across a teleporter waypoint in front of a big cave. Head inside and search for the archeology team inside the cave.

    Genshin Impact Lost in The Sands

    A road will lead you underground and connect to the Adju Road. On the road, you will find yourself next to a huge pit in the ground. Jumping down into it will lead you to the archeology team.

    Talk to three People

    After going down the Abdju Pit, you will have to talk to three people you don’t know who also fell into the hole. After you are done with the third person from the camp, you will get a notification to talk to another. 

    Genshin Impact Lost in The Sands

    Talk to Jeht

    This fourth person is Jeht and he will meet you in front of the passage leading to the cave. After you’re done talking to him, go back to the others. Tirzad and the others would be there, too.

    Enter the Ruins

    Head to the ruins with Tirzad. However, to enter the ruins, you will need to use an Anemo character and an Anemo attack. Use these on a pile of sand to reveal the console. Now start the console in order to enter the ruins.

    Defeat the Enemies and Continue Exploring

    You will be met with a Primal Construct soon. Defeat the enemy and make your way to the next door and open it with the console. This area is laiden with traps so make sure to dodge them as you make your way past them. 

    Another Primal Construct will make its way to you. Defeat it and head to Dendroculus. Once you have the Dendroculus, activate it by standing on the platform. It is an elevator and will lead you to the puzzle.

    Light four Torches

    Once you come to the lower level in the Abdju Pit via the elevator, you will need to fire all the torches in the room to unlock the Cube Mechanism. You will have to use Electro and shoot the Tri-Yana Seed to make this happen.

    Now that the torches are lit, you will have to unlock the chest in the middle. To do this, climb your way to the platform on the left side of the room and interact with the stone cube and get teleported to the other side of the wall. 

    Continue Exploring the Ruins with Jeht

    Use the platform to go to the upper level. Here, you will come across a strange triangle object in front of the gate. Interact with it and report your findings to Jebrael. 

    Now go back to the lower level where Jebrael will be waiting for you. Also, talking with Tirzad will reveal a new gadget for you, the Scarlet Sand State. 

    This will open the locked gate for you. Head back to the upper level now and use the gadget to get to the exit. 

    Exit the Ruins

    If you follow the path, it will lead you to a lighting platform. The laser stone will turn on when you step on it. You need to get the Forged Primal Light and place it on the Replicator Keystone and relay the Primal Beam to the mechanism on the left to open the door. This will help you get the third Sacred Seal in the next room.

    Once the door is open, you can continue to the next door where you will have to take down a few Primal Constructs. Then unlock the next door by activating the book in front of it. This was the last door and passing through it will make you exit the ruins and end the quest.

    This was all about the Genshin Impact Lost in the Sands quest. For more guides, keep following Retrology.

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