How to complete Mail Escort: Dragonnip quest (Protect Bunny) in Nobody Saves the World

    Nobody Saves the World is an action-adventure RPG played from a top-down perspective. The game supports both single and multiplayer modes. In the game, the player controls a character named Nobody who can change into a bunch of different characters using a wand. In this guide, we will cover the Mail Escort: Dragonnip quest.

    Build used

    A magician build with Summon and Dodge abilities is an ideal build for this quest. It makes the quest fairly easy. You can run up to spawns and spam summon. Some abilities of magician that can be used are:

    Signature Ability

    Pick A Card: Causes some damage. Cards with higher numbers do more damage. This ability restores +15 Mana on hit.

    Passives used in guide

    Hat Trick I: Hit baddies with Rabbit and Tiger Familiar attacks. (Summon Familiars by using hat move). 0/200 (15 FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank D)

    Custom I: Turtle Power: Hit baddies with Ranger’s Dodge. 0/50 (25FP, 50 XP) (Requires Rank C, Marty Jack found)

    Mail Escort: Dragonnip quest

    You can summon more Familiars to fight the enemies for you at the cost of mana. Or you can attack them yourself using Pick A Card trick.

    All that’s left is to help the rabbit reach the entrance of the mound to complete the quest.

    Mail Escort: Dragonnip quest

    Hope this guide was helpful in Mail Escort: Dragonnip quest.

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