TechHow to check used Android phone before buying

    How to check used Android phone before buying

    Not many people love the idea of buying a used Android phone that has Android 12 or above, mainly because of the fear that they might run into a scam or a faulty phone that’s not even close to as good as the new one is. However, anyone who has a trusted source will definitely consider buying a used phone instead of a new one because it will not only save the environment from extra plastic but even save him/her a few bucks.

    Nevertheless, not everyone has a trusted source to get a phone from. So what exactly, they should do to avoid a scam or a defective phone? Well if you’re also in the same situation then worry no more because we got you covered. In this article, we will help you with how to check a used Android phone before buying to avoid any kind of scam.

    Whenever we hear that someone got scammed, it’s always because they did not check the phone right in the first place. Nevertheless, if you follow all the steps mentioned in this article then we assure you that your experience with a used phone will be as good as with a new one, and you will probably always go for a used phone instead of a new one.

    Scam Alert

    It’s always a good thing to be careful, so you don’t run into any defects, hence without any further ado, let’s begin with everything that needs to be checked before buying a used Android phone.

    Using App for Phone Test

    One of the quickest ways to check the used Android phone before buying is to run a phone testing app on that phone. These applications will not only help you with the information about the phone but will also help you know about its current condition and performance.

    Device Info: System & CPU info

    Device Info: System & CPU info
    Device Info: System & CPU info

    One of the best apps that you can easily get on Google play is Device Info: System & CPU info. It is one of the most popular phone testing applications and has a 4.8-star rating on the Google Play Store. From the app’s name, it might look like it’ll only provide you with some information about the device’s CPU and all, however, the app is capable to perform certain tests within seconds to help you with your buying decision.

    Simply, click on the “Tests” menu from the categories on the top, and it will give you a list of tests that it can perform. For Example Display, Multitouch, Flashlight, Speakers, Ear speaker, Microphone, Ear proximity, Light sensor, Vibration, Bluetooth, Fingerprint, and more.

    If you find that something is still missing in this app, you can also use applications like Phone Doctor Plus, Phone Test – Used phone checker, and Testy. Moreover, to get deeper into the phone testing, keep on reading the article and follow the steps mentioned below.

    Check Device Purchase Receipt

    Check Device Purchase Receipt
    Check Device Purchase Receipt

    The first thing that will assure you that the phone you’re about to purchase is authentic is its purchase receipt, so do ask the seller for the receipt and make sure that his/her name is also written on it. If the seller does not have one, it is highly recommended that you move to the next seller because there is a chance that this phone might be stolen.

    Another plus point of checking the purchase receipt is that you will get to know when exactly was the phone purchased and if there is still any warranty remaining.

    Examine the Device

    Examine the Device

    The next step to check the used Android phone before buying is to examine the device, and the correct way is to set up a meeting with a seller during the daytime, so you can easily get your eyes on the condition of the device. Make sure that it does not have any cracks on the screen or at the back and sides, in case you’re looking for a fresh phone.

    If there is any glass protector on the screen, you can ask the seller to remove it so you can easily examine the condition of the screen as well. While examining do make sure that the screen is screened well and there are no gaps, if there are any it means that the phone has undergone some repairs or it could be a defective one.

    Battery Capacity

    Battery Capacity: check used Android phone before buying

    The battery is something that the majority of the buyers miss out on while buying and unlike the iPhones, Androids do not have the option to check the health of the battery. So what you can do is that as soon as you start examining the phone, make sure that you keep an eye on the battery percentage. Keep using the phone for 5-10mins and if the phone’s battery drops more rapidly than a normal phone it means that the battery health is not so good.

    Headphone Jack, Mic, and Speaker

    Headphone Jack, Mic, and Speaker: check used Android phone before buying

    It’s all about the small things that matter at the end of the day and getting scammed with any of these hits you big time. Headphone Jack, Mic, and speakers are those mandatory items that you will use on daily basis, so do make sure that they are working well enough.

    You can test the headphone jack by plugging any kind of earphones, for the mic you can ask the seller to let you make a phone call, and for the speakers, you can simply blast some music.

    Charging port, Sim, and Memory slot

    Sim and Memory slot: check used Android phone before buying

    Time for you to dig deeper into the phone and check if it’s charging normally. For the Sim, you can simply add your own sim to the phone and then make a call to check if it’s working normally. Now pull out your memory card if you have any and test the memory slot.

    Test Cameras

    Test Cameras: check used Android phone before buying

    Nowadays having a decent camera on your phone is quite important, so the next step is to test the cameras. Open the back camera on the phone and see if it’s working normally. You can place your hand in front of the camera to check if it focuses well enough or not.

    Also, make sure that you go through settings and test different modes of the camera like slow-motion, panorama and time-lapse, etc. Also confirm if the flash is working properly, after that move to the front camera and check that too.

    Check Power Brick and Data Cable

    Check Power Brick and Data Cable: check used Android phone before buying

    Before purchasing a used android phone, ask the seller to provide you with the original power brick and data cable with the phone. The factory charger that comes with the device is the best in terms of quality and speed.

    Additionally, they are also the most compatible with the device and it will keep your phone’s battery life span ideal. So do make sure that the company’s name is written on the power brick.

    Check all internal components

    Once you’re out for a phone hunt, make sure that you are fully satisfied with each and every bit of it before you purchase it. To examine the phone even more precisely make sure that all the internal components of the phone are working, so that it can be an ideal phone for you. Some common internal components that are necessary to check:

    • Bluetooth
    • Vibration
    • Fingerprint
    • Volume Up Button
    • Volume Down Button
    • Microphone

    That is all on how to check used Android phone before buying. Let us know in the comment section below which phone did you buy and how was your experience. To know about Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 – Everything You Need To Know or for more Tech content, keep following Retrology.

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