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    How to beat Skeleton King in Diablo Immortal

    The latest installment of the Diablo franchise, Diablo Immortal was definitely one of the most anticipated games of June 2022. The gameplay is improved on both the PC and mobile versions of Diablo Immortal, the graphics are clearer, and controller play is also supported. The game has also introduced many new characters and bosses and as well as some old bosses have also been featured in quite a unique way and fans totally loved it.

    One such boss is The Skeleton King which appears at the end of The Mad King’s Breach. The Mad King’s Breach, which takes place at Ashwold Manor and Cemetery, is the game’s first major quest and dungeon. After defeating two mini-bosses at the end of the dungeon, the player must face the Skeleton King to complete the mission.

    However, defeating The Skeleton Kind won’t be an easy task, considering the 23,000HP. But if you are also someone who is struggling with this fight then worry no more because we got you covered. In this guide, we will help you with How to beat Skeleton King in Diablo Immortal. So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

    How to Beat Skeleton King

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    Once you have progressed through the dungeon and defeated both the mini-bosses, you will now encounter the Skeleton King. You’ll find yourself in a dimly lit chamber with a flickering blue flame, where you will see Skeleton King sitting on his throne and then jumping out exclaiming, “The warmth of life has no place among the damned!”

    The Skeleton King has two phases like many other bosses in Skeleton King. We have discussed both of them and how to counter them in quite a detail below.

    First Phase – Melee Attacks

    Skeleton King Fight from Diablo Immortal

    The first phase of combating Skeleton King is more straightforward than the second. The Skeleton King’s primary weapon is his mace, which he swings in a circle to attack anyone in close proximity. Make sure that you use long-range attacks more often to avoid getting hit by his mace.

    Skeleton King Fight from Diablo Immortal

    Our best bet is to use Necromancer as your character because its minions will help you distract the Skeleton King, the second character you can opt for is the demon hunter whose long-range arrows will definitely come in handy. The Skeleton King will also summon skeletal troops and archers to assault the player, so make sure you focus on them as well.

    Second Phase – Stronger Mounted Attacks

    beat Skeleton King in Diablo Immortal
    Skeleton King Fight from Diablo Immortal

    When Diablo Immortal’s Skeleton King is reduced to about half health, he will enter his second phase. In this phase, you will have to encounter two more attacks from The Skeleton King. For the first one, the Skeleton King will ride a horse and charge toward you repeatedly but just like before you will already know his AOE (Area of Attack).

    So make sure you move out of the way and only attack once he’s done with his. As soon as The Skeleton King goes into a cool-down period after his attack, take this opportunity and charge.

    beat Skeleton King in Diablo Immortal
    Skeleton King Fight from Diablo Immortal

    For the second attack, the Skeleton King will use his horse to stomp on the players and you will be exposed to attacks for a short period of time if it hits you. As discussed earlier such attacks can easily be countered if you have long-range attacks.

    That is all on how to beat Skeleton King in Diablo Immortal. To know about Diablo Immortal Challenge Rifts Guide & Tips for beginners or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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