How to beat O.Dio Boss in Live A Live

    Live A Live has recently received a remake and now people outside Japan can experience it. It was released in a new style than before, adorning a 2D animation. Nothing changed from the original, which means the final Boss of Wild West is still O.Dio.

    O.Dio is a confident, arrogant, and intimidating guy who appears to be quite confident about his Gatling Gun. “No matter how many rats you rustle up, you won’t be able to win against a Gatling gun!” Very proud indeed. Let’s see how invincible it really is with this guide on how to beat O.Dio Live A Live.

    How to beat O.Dio Live A Live – Process

    This might be a difficult battle that you can’t seem to win, or it can be an easy one that you can win with just a few simple attacks. The crucial factor will be where you position your two characters at the outset of the combat.

    • You must position Sundown just over the rock in the center of the combat space. Cast Hollow Point after you’ve gotten him there. This is done to prevent the boss from getting too near to your characters.
    • Place Mad Dog on the left-hand side of the aforementioned rock. Throughout the fight, keep utilizing his “Ride the Lightning” spell.
    • Here are the attacks to use constantly from both:
      • Hollow Point” by Sundown
      • Use “Ride the Lightning” by Mad Dog.
    • Repeat until you have beaten O Dio. This would take you 5 to 6 turns on average.
    The most effective placement of Sundown and Mad Dog
    The most effective placement of Sundown and Mad Dog

    O. Dio Attacks

    O. Dio has two attacks. The first one is a basic shot that can be missed and dodged easily. It’s not fatal at all. His ranged strike, on the other hand, is a different story. This attack is why he seems proud because it’s fatal. You have two possibilities if you notice him charging it.

    • The first step is to change lanes two lanes away from the attack. If you’re underneath him, you’ll have to move two tiles to the right. If you’re on his right, you must move two tiles down, and if you’re diagonal, you must move two tiles up or down.
    • If you don’t feel like avoiding them, the more dependable approach is to intercept him while he’s charging the attack. Use Hollow Point when the sun sets. If you hit, his motion will be halted and canceled.
    O. Dio main special attack
    O. Dio’s main special attack

    This is what his powerful attack looks like and your target is to avoid this at all costs. If he gets to utilize it, he will instantly murder one of your characters, forcing you to restart the battle.

    If you follow the guide, it’s a high chance this last attack won’t be used and you would defeat him easily. And that’s a wrap for a guide on how to beat O.Dio in Live A Live.

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    Izna Anjum
    Izna Anjum
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