HOTD: King Viserys’ entrance scene was one of the most powerful scenes in the Game of Thrones universe

    House of the Dragon’s episode 8 has left many fans awe-struck. The sheer emotions that the episode portrayed was exemplary. There were many touching moments related to the dying King of the Andals, Viserys I Targaryen. All the king ever wanted was peace in his realm and for his family to be united and he kept trying to achieve that in his last moments. However, the scene we are going to talk about is, in my opinion, one of the most powerful scenes in the entirety of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon. It is none other than King Viserys’ entrance scene.

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    We saw that Rhaenyra was once again in trouble as her son’s ownership of the Driftmark was to be discarded under the claim that the children are not of Valeriyan blood. With no adequate help, and in desperation, the princess went to her father’s chambers to request him to help her bear the burden of the succession. To protect her from the pack of wolves in the royal family. At that moment, one could only pity both the king and the princess for their miserable states. But less did we know, for what was about to come.

    As Rhaenyra started to defend her son’s position to inherit the Driftmark, King Viserys enters the throne room. The man with half his face gone, wretched body, feeble legs, and sheer weakness, when he entered the room as the true king, everything changed. The moment he gave that look full of affection to his dear daughter, we knew, he had well heard her daughter’s requests last night.

    The reason this scene was so powerful was that nobody expected King Viserys to be this mighty. He was always portrayed as a “weak” king and an unworthy one. But this scene gave a whole different perspective of Visery’s character. Even in his weakest moments, the king made it clear that it was only him that had the true power. Even right at the death’s door, the old dragon roared.

    Another touching moment was when Daemon finally acknowledged his brother as the king and crowned Viserys himself. That in particular gave me chills as both these brothers were shown to have bad blood among them for years. So, Daemon stepping up to aid his brother and Viserys accepting only the help of Daemon showed that despite all the conflict, the brothers loved each other.

    All in all, King Viserys’ entrance scene was an epic moment and will definitely be the one I would be watching on repeat. You can check out the complete scene below (as long as the video is not removed).

    What are your thoughts on King Viserys’ entrance scene? Let us know in the comments.

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